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House Rules…

  • Maxiumum Hit Points at 1st Level
  • Wizards gain bonus spells based on Intelligence (same as Cleric bonus with Wisdom)
  • Clerics do not have to memorise 1st and 2nd level spells. These are basic ritual type spells that all Acolytes learn and can be used “at will” (within level limits)
  • Thief abilities cannot be increased above 95% with normal level advancement. Dex, race and armour can raise (or lower) this value.
  • Thieves backstabbing with a magic weapon add the magic bonus before multipling damage
  • Criticals. On a 18, 19 or 20 if you hit by 5 or more then you gain an extra weapon dice of damage.
  • Initiative: Each side rolls D10 and adds weapon speed or action modifier. If more than one attack then Weapon size and Speed are added for each subsequent attack.

Campaign Tennants:

  • Thou Shall Steal
  • Thou Shall Murder (Only when it is unavoidable or You don’t get caught)
  • Thou Shall Loot
  • Thou Shall Not Get Caught

Completed Adventures:

  1. Rival Slum Gang Murder
  2. Sewer Investigations
  3. Tomb Robbing
  4. Stealing the Silver Sword
  5. Vault of Kasil
  6. Tomb Robbing
  7. Crypt of Istaris
  8. Robbery of the Emporium
  9. Ambush of the Friends of Fireshare
  10. Plots within Plots – Tricking the Bane worshoppers
  11. Tomb Robbing-
  12. Tavern – Troll punching and dwarf bashing
  13. Minimum the Money Lender burglery
  14. Mystmoor Mannor Haunted House
  15. The Sword Swap escapade
  16. The Temple of Chaos | More Chaos | Chaos Tests | End of Chaos
  17. Rest and Recreation | Gilthanki House Continued
  18. Dungeons Deep Sewers Creep | Dungeons Deep Sewers Creep Again | Finishing off the Sewer Creep
  19. Professional Burglars at Last
  20. Bar room Kidnap
  21. Bane and the Potato
  22. The corruption of Thraim
  23. One is the loneliest Number | Snow in waterdeep | Snows in Waterdeep part 2 | Lanceabits: What I did last Winter #1 | Voices in the Snow
  24. Oh to be someone | The wait was over (is this what pain feels like?)
  25. The Undermountain | Undermountain part 2 | Undermountain Revival | Undermountain Part 4 | Undermountain part 5 | Undermountain – The Curse of Kerreth | Undermoutain – Part 8 | Undermountatin Part 9
  26. Elven Games
  27. An interlude | Assassination most uncommon
  28. Giant Mystery | Giant Problem Solved | Escape to Waterdeep
  29. Back to basics | Oh Shar T
  30. Egg and Spoon Race | Down the Rabbit Hole | Mad Hatter Tea Party | Cards of DOOM | Off with Her Head
  31. Escape to Sanctuary | Creepy Chambers | Search for Ibrandul
  32. The Big Evil Lair | Big Evil Lair continued | Fireballs of the Day | Dungeon of Death Finish
  33. God Killing

Waterdeep crimes committed so far:

Against the citizens: (Lesser)

  • Assault (Wounding) (I & J) x6
  • Unlawful Hinderance of Business (I)
  • Damage to Property (I) x2

Against the citizens: (Serious)

  • Theft (I) x5
  • Repetition of Lesser Crime (F & I) x4

Against the citizens: (Severe)

  • Magical Assault (H, I & J) x11
  • Magical Assault x9 H & I & J (all by Sly the Goodly Mage)

Against the citizens: (Minor)

  • Excessive Noise – Interferring with sleep (I & J) x2
  • Assault without wounding – (F 1day & 5gp fine)

Against the Gods: (Serious)

  • Theft of Temple Goods (G & I)
  • Tomb Robbing (G, I, & J) x3
  • Public Blasphemy of a God (includes assault)

Against the city: (Severe)

  • Murder (B) x 17

Against the city:(Serious)

  • Murder With Justification (C or E) x61 (methinks your justification is a bit loosely defined)

Against the Lords (lesser)

  • Assault on Any City Officers acting in the line of Duty (F+H) x2

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