Thraims Mischief 1

Here lies (deliberate pun) some mischief that Thraim has gone and done…

Thraim has spent the last year:

  • Repairing the build of the Mismoor Mansion.
  • Training Acolytes and Pilgrims who have begun to appear at the Mistmoor mansion complex. See pg 73 of players book. “If you build it they will come”.
  • Dedicating the Mistmoor Chapel and grounds to the worship of the Beshaba our Lady of Misfortune.
  • Acting as 2IC of Brewers and Distillers Guild, and generally supporting Cicero in his skulduggery
  • Sometimes acting as an enforcer for Reginald who seems to need support in creation of his selective and secretive “guild”
  • Getting up to his own mischief – see below.

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Thraims Mischief 1

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