CToVS - Preface

Cyric is unfortunate, name and life, at 10 he was press-ganged onto to a smuggling ship. At the age of 15 he fled into the first big city he could, Waterdeep. Now on the streets, he learnt one lesson, look after number one. Now Cyric has started hearing voices saying, he was meant for something. Why does this voice have a name……Mask

While adventuring into the Pyramid of Chaos Cyric suffered the tragedy of losing his already shrivelled Soul, After months of abuse in the clutches some chaotic abyssal lord Cyric’s Soul has been liberated through the use of a Wish. Though this did involve fighting an Emerald Golem, but with DOOMs assistance the evil one prevailed …….. but something profound happened.

As the soul merged back into his body, he started shaking uncontrollably, MASKs voice faded, Cyric started crying …. a feeling of lightness, freedom, joy and peace arrived. A voice could be herd…..

The balance must be maintained, for the evil that you spread now must you sow good. For this I grant you redemption and power

Waking in the morning Cyric, once of foul nature, sought to heal his friends and comrades. He vowed to turn his comrades from their wickedness back to the light.


Has recently acquired a property within the Castle Ward, The Grand Elf , a feasting and dancing hall. To celebrate his arrival as Monty Cristo Cyric is throwing a massive masked party. Where large quantities of alcohol, entertainment and attractive girls and can be found. Where nobles can mix, be noble and see how they are better. Everyone who is anyone or aspires to be someone will be there. Plus for every noble in attendance 1gp is donated to helping the poor orphaned children.

The time of troubles is upon Cyric (and he feels the loss most keenly), not only has he lost the ability receive power from the gods but on the night the gods were cast from the heavens the storm damaged some of his properties….. But where there is chaos so must the people band together for the greater good. The party will go on and Cyric will (in the guise of Count Monty Cristo, a 50 year old bearded man) bring hope back to the people. Nobility does not exist in Law or Chaos but what the people do to help their fellow man.

CToVS - Preface

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