CToVS - Chapter 1

CHAPTER 1: Home coming

The silly god-ling Ibrandul lay dead and Shar took the credit. Well what do you expect from a self-centred darkness loving dungeon dweller. Cyric had had enough. Where was the fun? The adventure had nearly ended in tragedy, the death of Cyric, Mask’s magic had failed Cyric at a very bad time (as it had many of the others). After much soul searching, which did not take long, Cyric came to the only conclusion any sensible survivor should have, time to hide and consolidate.

Back at the “Fair Elf” Cyric met with his henchmen, the time of troubles lived up to its reputation. Trouble. For no reason that he could explain Silence, known for “silencing” annoyances, dropped dead half way through a report. RIP Silence, 12th Eleasis. Being the magnanimous “friend” Cyric even tried to calm his spirit (and to find out if it was contagious), but to his shook was met by ……. almost as if his soul was not present. It took all of Cyrics’ courage not to run away again. For those who don’t know being a lying coward is not as easy as you may think. Well at least he wouldn’t have to pay him a retainer anymore. The brother and sister, Solonor Blackheart and Sithus Blackheart, took it in stride, rolled him over and promised to remove the body. Continuing the report, progress had been made in expanding the spy network (known as the ears), with informants established throughout Waterdeep. Now infiltrating nearly every guild and chapter. With amusing reports from the brewers guild about sudden power struggles. Also an increased activity from the “Knights of Chaos” and the “Red Sashes”. Profit from the “dancing halls” was up, as everyone needs a dance once and again.

Being press ganged onto a pirate ship is not something one forgets and is probably one of the reasons why Cyric has trust issues. With both the Blackhearts managing large portions of the “under empire” Cyric’s alarm bells were ringing. “Solonor, Sithus your loyalty is to be commended, but should it not also be rewarded” Cyric paused and noted the siblings faces …..

“How can I repay the work you do? Trick question with money and power. Each of you get a 10% share in all profit from this moment forward, or until you betray me and die. Fair enough.”

Sithus was first to agree “As long as I get bonuses for my special work…. and I want to be officially Spy Master.”

“Of course …. I wouldn’t have it any other way” Cyric replied. “What about you Captain Solonor?”

Solonor just Nodded …. “I’ll still hunt for you?”

“Well of course we’ll need to send messages to those who disagree. Captain” Cyric smiled, that was easy …. you just need the right buttons.

Cyric spent the next week getting all the books in order ….. everyone ignores these. To keep score you have to know how much you have. But even skulking happily at home couldn’t last for ever. With magic unstable too many things started going wrong. On the up side thieves were starting to spread to the dark places once more, especially with the City Watch and Town guard hamstrung without magic. Not even a month past when everything hit the fan. The denizens from Hades rose from the sewers at the beck and call of Myrkul to attack Blackstaff’s tower. Cyric seeing the need (and profit) kept his “house” guard close, and under the command of Solonor they were able to secure “The Fair” and “knocked-out Elf” taking in Waterdeep citizens when able. Some think this noble and who is Cyric to change their mind, but you can’t get information from the dead easily.

Noticing the target for the raid lay close to the “The Grand Elf” Cyric was forced to fight his way to “The Grand Elf”, killing denizens to dumb to realize who they were attacking. From this vantage point Cyric watched the battle unfold….. he was even seen clapping when the silly git Myrkul got his comeuppance and noted the spectacular ending on top of mount Waterdeep. The only disappointment is that “the Grand Elf” now has a great view of where Myrkul died….. a bloody great black nothing just across the road!

GASP……………. Mask

Cyric’s Tome of Villainous Shadows

CToVS - Chapter 1

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