The Rod of Seven Parts

A powerful artefact of Law


Rod Powers:

4" tip, Rod part 1: Command Word “Ruat”; Cure light wounds 5/day

5" Rod Part 2: Command Word “Coelum”; Slow 1/day (23rounds)

6" Rod Part 3: Command Word “Fiat”; Haste 1/day for 23 rounds (character doesn’t age, but everyone else does)

8" Rod part 4: Command Word “Justitia”; Gust of Wind 5/day (10’ wide 600’ long)

10" Rod part 5: Command Word “Ecce”; True Seeing 1/day for 20 rounds.

12" Rod Part 6: ???

15" Rod part 7: ???

Joining Powers:

2 segments: Fly as per Wizard spell at will (also see resonating power)

3 segments: extra 20% Magic Resistance. Rod acts as a Horseman’s Mace+1

4 segments: Controls Winds 2/day. Rod acts as a Horseman’s Mace+2

5 segments: Shape Change 1/day. Rod acts as a Quarterstaff+3

6 segments: ???

7 Segments: ???

Resonating Powers:

part 1 & 2: Fly power becomes speed 24 with manoeuvre class A

+part 3: Protection from Air. Creatures from the Elemental Plane of Air cannot approach within 5’ of bearer unless attacked first. Even then they get -2 to hit and -2 damage per die.

+part 4: Charm against creatures from Elemental Plane of Air, 1/day per creature. Counts as an attack.

+part 5: Weather Summoning 1/day


The Rod of Seven Parts

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