Master of Dread


Thraims Mischief

Cleric of Beshaba (Pariah Kit)

Level: 11     HP: 83     AC: -7 (Plate) -1 (Leather)     Alignment: CN
STR (20) 16, DEX 18, WIS 19, INT 14, CON 17, CHR 9

XP: 945,000

Spells memorized:
1st Level: x8
2nd Level: x6
3rd Level: Dispel Magic, Emotion Control, Negative Plane Protection, Protection from Fire, Remove Paralysis, Stoneshape
4th Level: Dimensional Anchor, Free Action, Recitation, Undetectable Lie
5th Level: Blessed Abundance, Flame Strike
6th Level: Heal

Innate Abilities:
Enlarge 1/day at 22nd Level ability. Invisibility 1/day
Surprise Rolls +5, Opponents -2
Bright light -2 Dex, -2 to hit. Shade – 1 to hit.
Ogres, Trolls, Ogre Magi, Giants & Titans suffer a -4 to attack Thraim
Non Dwarvish magic items have a 20% of malfunctioning. Cleric magic items work normally.
Unaffected by paralysis, illusion and phantasm spells. Immune to all magical and alchemical poisons. Natural poisons get standard dwarf saving throws
Immune to: cause fear, charm person, command, friends, hypnotism.

Saving Throws:
1 Paralyzation, Poison Death Magic ( +4 Dwarf, +1 Ring)
8 Petrification, Polymorph ( +1 Ring)
1 Rod, Staff, Wand ( +4 Dwarf, +3 Dex, +1 Armour, +1 Ring)
8 Breath Weapon ( +3 Dex, +1 Ring)
6 Spell ( +4 Dwarf, +1 Ring & +4 vs physical +1 Armour or +4 vs mental)

Thieving Abilities:
PP 60%, OL 52, MS 36%, DN 30%, CW Spiderclimb

Mace “+3”.
          Attacks 1 . Speed 4. THACO 8. Damage d6+12/d6+11
          Attacks 2 . Speed 3. THACO 10. Damage d2+9
Stone boulder.
          Attacks 1 . Speed 3. THACO 9. Damage d12+8. Range 16/32/48

Non Weapon Prficiencies:
Healing, Disquise, Religion, Endurance, Alertness, Tumbling, Tightrope Walking, Underground Navigation, Direction Sense, Trailing, Locksmithing, Reading/Writing, Miner (Stone cutting, Assaying)
Detect Slope (23), New Tunnel/Passage (23), Sliding/Shifting Walls (21), Stonework Traps/Pits (20), Approximate Depth Underground (19)
Languages: Common, Duergar, Dwarvish, Undercommon, Thieves Cant

Girdle of Stone Giant Strength. 2x unbreakable metal bars.
Typus – Footmans Mace +3
Ring of Protection +1, Ring of Mammal Control, Ring of Shocking Grasp
Potion of Healing x2. Waterbreathing. Extra healing.
Necklace of Pearls. Cure Serious Wounds. Cure Disease. Pearls of Wisdom x3.
Scrolls – Commune with Nature, Pass Plant, Control Winds, Insect Plague (10th level). Find the Path (21st level). Regenerate (21st level).
Magical Dwarven Plate +1 , Shield +2.
Boots of Striding and Springing
Helm of Underwater Action
Gauntlets of Dexterity – PP & OL as 4th Level Thief, +1 Dex
Cloak of Arachnidia – Web 1/day. Immune to webs. Spiderclimb at will move 6 on ceilings, walls
Pick of Piercing – 10% each round of destroying a magical field

Belt, Belt pouches small x2, Holy symbol, Leather Scroll case, Soft boots.
Backpack: Crow bar, Hacksaw & 6 blades, Hammer, 6x iron spikes, Leather Armour +1 – Acts as Ring of Fire Resistance

Belt pouch (capacity 250 – used 78) moneys: 20 pp, 9 gp, 20 sp, 10cp. Gems: 1000gp x4, 500gp x6, 100gp x9, 50gp x9.

Enlarged Size: 13’4". 2081 lbs. Damage increase 220%. Duration 120 rounds (2 hours & 0 turns).
(Weight = 117 base x 2.8 enlarge x 5.39 size to weight ratio)
Thieving Equipment: Listening Cone +5% HN, Crow Bar +10% Bend Bars,
Typus Powers: +3 Mace. Cause Disease on Hit. User Immune to Disease. Cloudkill & Wither Once a Day. Turn Undead at level +1. Telepathic communication with wielder.

Spell Spheres:
Major: All, Astral, Charm, Combat, Creation, Divination, Guardian, Healing, Necromantic, Protection, Summoning
Minor: Elemental (Water, Earth)


Age: 58. Male. Height 4’1". Weight 114lbs. Blue eyes. Bald with White Beard


Thraim currently has a problem. After being cast out from the service to Mask he has found the Chaos entity of Beshaba. However, revenge is a dish best served cold.

Thraim Has purchased a Mansion

Mansion Ground Floor

Proper layout as appears in Waterdeep…


Mansion Upper Level

Mansion Dungeon Level

He has hired:

1 Steward (3rd level) – 300gp per month
(Oversees the estate and grounds)
2 Blacksmiths – 20 gp per month
5 Skilled Servants – 10 gp per month
(Baker, Cook, Valet etc)
10 household Servants – 10 gp per month
(Gardeners, Cleaning etc)
3 Grooms – 3 gp per month
Total Per Month = 343 gp

Guards. (Job to wonder around and look pretty)
10 Heavy Infrantry – 20 gp per month
1 Sergant – 5 gp per month
Total Per Month = 25 gp

For the repair
1 Architect – 200 gp per month
2 Clerks – 16gp per month
20 Stonemasons – 80 gp per month
20 Laborers – 20 gp per month
10 Carpenters – 50 gp per month
Total Per Month = 366 gp

Total per month 734 gp.

He also as part of his new “status” wishes to actually spend money on Clothes, Equipment for the hirelings, plus a horse & carriage. All these animals are amazingly loyal. It is almost if they might be controlled in some way…

1 Carriage – 150 gp
4 Guard Dogs (25 gp each) – 100 gp
Draft Horse – 200 gp
40 Chickens (2cp each) – 8 sp
4 Cats – 4 sp
1 Riding Horse – 75 gp


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