The Mockers / Harlequins

Security for the Vintners Distillers and Brewers Guild


A security force for the Guild of Vintners Distillers and Brewer’s.
Acting as bouncers and general muscle for all of the Guilds newly acquired Taverns and Inns

All mockers wear an identical outfit. A gleeful Mask and leather Armour of different patterns and colours

It is uncertain how many Mockers there are or where they came from. They are appearing in increasing numbers of the city’s drinking establishments.

At their core are an elite core of ruthless and highly skilled fighters known as The Harlequins. You will never know if you are facing a Mocker or Harlequin until it is to late.


The Harlequin’s were recently recruited by CIcero reforming from their previous company “The Ravens Claw”

The Ravens Claw Mercenaries were established by a famous adventurer known as The Raven sometime after 933 DR. Formed with his Adventuring Company “The Ravens Claw” at its heart,

The Ravens Claw Adventurers Company was itself formed just after 872 DR. Over 30 years its membership changed many times. But at its core The Raven and four other renowned Fighters remained a constant. In 932 DR the Ravens Claw found themselves the only things standing between a huge Orc war band and the defenceless frontier town of Rockridge. The five Warriors seeing that the town’s folk would surely be slaughtered unless the Orcs were somehow delayed, decided to make a stand in a narrow pass. They and some Mage and Cleric retainers held the pass while 3 scouts raced to the nearby town to warn them of their peril.

A few days later a relief column arrived to find the town untouched .They ventured forth to the pass to find out what had befallen the hero’s. There they found the Raven and his four companions still alive amid huge mounds of Orc dead.

All of their faithful retainers had fallen but the Orcs had been virtually exterminated. So many Orcs had died that the Ravens Claw had piled them high and used them as fortifications to block the pass. Forever afterwards referred to as the Bloody Pass this deed cemented the Raven Claws fame and a Royal Warrant was granted to them to form a Mercenary company. The Ravens Claw Mercenary Company was born.

The five Fighters at the Core of the Ravens Claw were considered some of the Greatest Fighters who have ever lived

The Raven. 30th Level Human Fighter.
Known as The Black-Raven in later years when his deeds grew darker. Wielded a wicked Black Rapier

Jacobas Limbsplitter – 26the level Human Fighter
Often called the Greatest Axeman in recorded history Jacobas was said to have been able to fell a grown pine tree with 5 cuts from his mighty axe.

Felix Jaegar – 29th level Fighter
Known as the Whirlwind of Death. He was famous for His two intelligent short swords of Speed. Stab and Slash. Famously killed 12 men in a bar fight, the other eight who attacked him ran away.

Sir Randolph Lost – 25th Level Paladin
A Giant of a Man. Mastered using a Lance in each hand whilst on horseback. Considered amongst the Greatest knights of the age.

Clarnus Waynard – 28th Level Ranger
Half Elf, Supernatural Archer. Clarnus was a master of the Longsword and so expert with a Longbow that he once hit a target on speeding Dragonback 300 yards away with four separately fired arrows that arrived simultaneously.

The Ravens Claw was initially created as a Knightly Brigade.It had extremely strict membership criteria. To join one had to be a renowned veteran and a master of one’s weapon. (10th level or Greater Fighter, Ranger Paladin) show utter obedience (Lawful) and be of Noble Blood.

As the years flew by and all the founders except The Raven retired or died the nature of the Ravens Claw changed. Weapons and armour became lighter and the emphasis on nobility was gradually removed. As these more overtly militant trappings disappeared the emphasis on weapon skill increased. For 200 years the Ravens Claw grew in fame and power. Led by The Raven who never seemed to age and who became darker and darker as the years went by.

By the time the Raven died at the hands of his Great Nephew in 1230DR the Ravens Claw had reached the zenith of its Glory. After his death it began the long slow decline.

120 years later the Ravens Claw was nearing the end. Assassins in all but name. Bullying thugs for hire with a thin veneer of tradition and honour. Without purpose they have drifted through the years from one disastrous contract to another. Although all weapon masters in their own right, they were too few to compete with the larger Mercenary companies and too skilled and expensive for smaller contracts.

Given purpose and direction (and no small amount of gold) by Cicero they are absolutely loyal and will follow his orders to the letter. Within the Society there is a strict hierarchy based on skill, proven ability and wisdom. Any of sufficient skill may request to challenge for leadership but this must be approved by the majority.

There is a single leader. Referred to as “The Harlequin” and a second, who is known as “The Rhymer”
There is no other organisation except for relative skill and strength. All know who stands above and below them and the striving for improvement and jockeying for position is relentless.

The Mockers/Harlequins Prominent members

The Harlequin – Bosworth Rotherton the 3rd
15th Level Fighter
Str -16 (25),Dex – 16,Con -15,Int – 10,Wis – 11,Chr – 14
AC -5 HP – 77

Bosworth Rotherton, famously known along the length and breadth of the Sword Coast as Bosworth the Blade is amongst the most formidable warriors in the Region. At 47 years of age he is not as fast as of yore and his waistline is beginning to show signs of expansion. However his cunning in battle and formidable experience more than make up for the ravages of age.

The 4th Son of a Cormyean Noble house Bosworth has been an adventurer for well over 30 years. His impeccable manners coupled with astounding pomposity and arrogance towards anyone he deems his inferior has resulted in him fighting over 500 duels during his career. Over 200 men are reputed to have died under his blade.

Of average height and build Bosworth’s huge moustache and piercing Blue eyes are his most prominent features. He has a taste for fancy clothing and lace in particular and often hides his balding head under fancy wigs. He seldom speaks, but when he does it is in a quiet and refined manner.

He has led the Ravens Claw for almost ten years. Well-liked and respected as a leader he had fought a losing battle to keep the Ravens Claw together. Cicero’s offer to come to Waterdeep and form the Harlequins was a lifeline that he and the other Ravens Claw members have eagerly accepted.

Bosworth has accumulated some very powerful magic during his career and is never parted from the following items:
Girdle of Storm Giant Strength
Ring +4
Braces AC2
Longsword +4 of Sharpness, (glows blue and emits a low hum when drawn)

The Rhymer – Anders Two-Axe
13th Level Fighter (Barbarian)
Str -18.42 Dex – 18,Con -14,Int – 8,Wis – 10,Chr – 12
AC -3 HP – 75

A small scrappy individual Anders Two Axe was bought up amongst wild elves when his family was ambushed and killed by marauding Orcs. He has a great hatred for all Goblinoid creatures as a result and gained a name as an Orc Hunter. His great skill with Axes bought him to the attention of the Ravens Claw and despite their declining fortunes he has stuck by them over the years.
Standing only 5’6 and of a slim build he makes up for a lack of bulk with sheer speed and ferocity. An expert tracker and woodsman, Anders has learned to cope with living in cities but returns to the wilds whenever he has a chance.
Anders favours either his Greataxe “Orc-Slicer” or his two returning magical Throwing axes. He is also an expert with the Bow and can seldom be detected when he does not want to be.
Orc-Slicer is a +5 Orc Slayer. His two Hand Axes are Hand Axes +4 of Hurling. He wears specially made Elven chain +5 and a Cloak and Boots of Elven Kind.

Current Members (In no Particular Order)

Sir Bosworth The Blade
Anders Two Axe
Jak the Younger
Steppan Wolf S
Rolf Friend-Bane
Sera Long Skirts
Genifa Swift-Eye
Barbarella Dragonbane
Gustaff Goat-Slayer
Jak the Elder
Zeebatta the Moustace
Briar Bottle-Slayer
Mombasa Owl-Eye
Sir Rubert The Beholder
Ronan Ten-Blade
Terras The Crusher
Queppo The Slow
Yollo 12 Toes
Radiwraith the Undead
Frederick The Throat
Sir Stendar the Steady
Evander Elf-Ears
Ned the Daft
Angus Mc Doogledouglas
Sir Dominick Pricke
Three Fingered Pete
Sean the Bastard
Sir Wilfrid Death

The Mockers / Harlequins

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