Reginald Darkmoon


Race- Gnome
Age 93
Height- 3’ 6"
Weight – 86lb
Alignment – Neutral Evil

Level 11 Illusionist, Level 12 Thief
HP 63 AC -4 Robes of the Archmage, Cloak of Shadows

Str 13, Int 18, Wis 7, Dex 18, Con 16, Chr 14

Weapon Proficiences
Shortsword, Shortbow, Darts, Broadsword,Dagger, 2handed style specialisation.

Items of Note – Black Robes of the Archmage, Cloak of Shadows, Lens of Charming, Deck of Illusions, Bag of Tricks (A), Mouser (ring of Mammal Control), Mortifyer II (broadsword +2), Ring of Warmth, Portable Hole (party Item), Nipper (Quartz Ferret)


Born in Baldurs Gate to middle class parents, who saved to put him through Mages school, only to have him kicked out near the end of his tenure for theft. He then left home, changed his name and started a journey north to Waterdeep. Along the way he has used the stolen spells to supplement his income. Often by Casting Mount and selling the horse cheaply then leaving town and recasting the spell to get away before the first horse disappears. He has used the Alias of Dwight Evensong (Used horse salesman) and a disguise to match the personality. Having finally made it to Waterdeep, he gravitated to the Dock area and has fallen in with some like-minded individuals.

Reginald Darkmoon

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