Thief...mage....a good combination


Spellfilcher Class
Level: 11 thief/10 wizard HP: 50 AC: -6 Alignment: LE
XP: 283514/283514
STR 12, DEX 17, WIS 12, INT 17, CON 15, CHR 18
Spells memorized: 6 x Level 1, 6 x Level 2, 4 x Level 3, 2 X level 4, 2 x level 5

Innate Abilities:
90% resistant to sleep- and charm-related spells.
Passing within 10 feet of a secret door, elves will detect it on a roll of 1 on a 1d6. If they search a 10-foot–square area, elves can find a secret door on a roll of 1 or 2 on a 1d6. Elves find concealed doors on a roll of 1, 2, or 3 on a 1d6.
When firing a bow, an elf gains a +1 to attack rolls.
gain a +1 to attack rolls (but not on damage) when using short or long sword
Finally, elves have the ability to give their enemies a –4 penalty to a surprise roll if the elf is: 1) moving alone, 2) is 90 feet away from the rest of their party, or 3) is with other elves or halflings and all are in nonmetal armor. If the elf must open a door or screen to get to the enemy, the penalty is reduced to –2.
Spellfilchers gain a +5% chance to Find/Remove Traps of a magical nature. This chance increases by +5% every four levels. They do not actually remove the traps but disarm them for 1d4 rounds, +1 round per three levels

Thieving Abilities:
PP 30%, OL 85% F/T 100%, MS 75%, HiS 74%, DN 20%, CW 80%, RL 100%

Short Sword. 1 ATT. Speed 3. THACO 11. Damage d6+3/d8+3
Rapier 4. 1 ATT. Speed 0. THACO 10. Damage d64/d8+4

Non Weapon Prficiencies:
Appraising(17), Gem Cutting(15), Tumbling(17), Disguise(11), Ancient History: Netherel(16), Jumping(14), Languages: Ancient (Netherese)(17), Reading/Writing(18), Rope Use(17), Spellcraft(15), Tightrope Walking(17), Observation(17)

Bracers AC4
Boots of Speed
Housebreakers Harness, Grappling Hook, silk rope, fine clothes, spellbook,
Wand of Fire (24 Charges)
Wand of Cold (1 Charge)
Wand of Enemy Detection (22)
Wand of Wonder (12)
Wand of Polymorph (9)
Scroll (fireball, Wall of Force)
Ring of Protection +1
Ring of spell storing (Alter Self, Darkness 15’, Gaze Reflection, Tensors Floating Disc)
Amulet (Magic Resistance 50%, Detect Magic at will, Fireball 12H/D 1/day, Teleport Without Error 1/week)
Short Sword +3
Short Sword +4
Cloak of Displacement
2 x potion of healing
1 part of the Rod of Seven Parts command word Ruat Cure Light Wounds 5/day
2nd part of the Rod Of Seven Parts – command word Coelum – Slow 1/day 23rounds
3rd part of the Rod of Seven Parts – Command word Fiat – Haste 1/day 23 rounds



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