Eddard Montoyeur he killed his Father - Then he Died


Fighter-Swashbuckler / Thief / Bard
Level: 4/7/6 HP:45 AC:5 Alignment: NE
STR 18-77 DEX 18, WIS 9, INT 14, CON 11, CHR 18

Spells memorized:
Friends, Magic Missile, invisibility

Spells in effect

Bard Abilities:
Sway Crowd -Sv vs Para (-1 to save)shift groups reaction 1 level
Rally Friends & Allies (3 Rnds speechifying -+1 to Hit,Sv throws and +2 to morale)Lasts 1rd/lvl
Counter Magical Songs or Poetry – Bards Sv to cancel
Identify Item – 25%

Thieving Abilities:
PP 25%,DN 50%, CW 70%, RL 45%

WIDOWMAKER. 1 ATT. Speed 0. THACO 13. Damage d6+9/d8+9
Dagger (Off Hand)1 Att Speed 2 THACO 17 Damage D4+5/D3+5
Punching 2 ATT. Speed. THACO 16. Damage 1-2 +4

WIDOWMAKER, Dagger+1/+2 vs undead,Cloak of Elven Kind.
Leather Armour +1, Ring of Protection +1 Potions of Plant control, Flying, Hill Giant strength Throwing Knives x8 (up sleaves,in boots,on belt, Belt pouches small x2, Soft boots.

Bard Equipment – Tights, Lavender Wig, Lute, Spare Tights, Flute, Quill and Ink for autographs

Eddard long ago realised that all the world is a stage and that he belongs at the centre of that stage. Outwardly witty and urban, always with a smile on his face, hiding the towering ego, momentus lust for wealth and power and the mercilous black soul of a killer.
Eddard always seeks to feed his towering ego. His Professional alter ego, Edwardo Shakesword Sports the latest in fashionable atire, his trademark lavender Wig and Swashbuckler feathered hat. He always carries the rapier Widowmaker but most mistake it as a fashion accessory.
On the streets he is known as Fast Eddard and few who meet this masked black clad, grim faced,dead eyed psychopath would ever associate him with the bright and breezy Edwardo.


Eddard Montoyeur (Fast Eddard being his street name) The son of an old Cormyr Noble family. The last of a once large and powerful noble family Eddard returned home one day to find his Father, sword in hand holding the debt collectors at bay. Eddard leapt into the fray to fight at his father side but as soon as their foes lay vanquished he stabbed his father through the heart and took the sword for his own. The Sword had been in Eddards family for generations its true name and nature lost to the family for generations. They had called it Widowmaker but it was noted by others that it was the Montoyeur family who seemed to have all the widows.
Eddards Timely death at the hand of grim armoured behemoth was the Kharmic payback for his life of Barsardery. And yet his legend lives on. His Songs are still sung all over the city and three books of his lyrics and Poetry are selling hundreds of copies. His Vast Fortune and the proceeds of these sales go to a charitable foundation set up in his name to fund adoration and general worship of his life and accomlishments. Tales of sightings persist and there was talk amongst his most dedicated fans of Resurrecting him from the body parts that are kept at his shrine. A lock of Hair, Four Vials of Blood (Given to his most dedicated female fans) and a vial of ….another kind of bodily fluid saved by a REALLY dedicated female fan. How far along these plans are is a matter of some conjecture amongst the Taverns and Music halls of the city.


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