The Thieves of Waterdeep

Undermountain Part 4

The redemtion of Cyric

After watching the 10 pathetic goblins die by Cloud Kill Thraim took a step back and looked up to the left (amazingly he stayed that way for most of the night).

The remaining DOOM members debated what befell Cyric, who was still sobbing quietly. Kerreth mentioned killing but then remembered the convenient she had with the party so withdrew the offer. Lord Lanceabit just started giggling like a drunk lunatic (very appropriate) and debated with Reginald what god had intervened. Sly looked on strangely silent not knowing what to do with repentant and good Cyric. At the end of the debate nothing was concluded, though the pointing and giggling at Cyric’s expense was enjoyed.

Continuing with exploration of the undermountain lead DOOM to the south-east of the Goblin guards. Lurking in the room were 9 Goblins with Short Bows knocked hiding behind a make-shift barricade. Lord Lanceabit lead the way, followed by Reginald, then Kerreth and Sly and finally Cyric and then Thraim holding the continual light gem. Upon seeing the foul creatures, Lord Lanceabit and Reginald cast Invisibility, leaving Sly in the front, Kerreth moved to get a better vantage point while Cyric tried to slink off to maneuver behind them. Then the Goblins released the deadly barrage, actually hitting Lord Lanceabit twice, while the Goblin Sharman Blessed his troops. In retaliation, Sly cast Fire Ball and Kerreth used Magic Missile. Thus ending the Gobin resistance and forced the Sharman to flee into a tunnel labyrinth with Cyric and Reginald trailing him.

Unknown the to party Fire Ball’s are loud and attract nasty creatures, so as the party stood around waiting on Cyric and Reginald two Ettin’s emerged from the side passage to investigate the noise. In the ensuing battle one Ettin was cut down by Lord Lanceabit and the other was blown away by Magic Missiles from Sly and stabbing by Kerreth. After searching the Ettins for treasure they set off in the direction of the Goblin Sharman.

Meanwhile in the tunnel labyrinth the Goblin Shaman stopped to catch his breath, which was a mistake as Reginald emerged from the shadows and back-stabbed him. Cyric could only watch as the Goblin slid off Reginald’s blade.

About this time the other members of DOOM joined them. As they arrived the light (carried by Thraim) reflected off a quartz chamber setting off some type of Shrieker Mushroom. With no more Fire Ball’s to through Cyric threw some Fire Trapped oil at one of the Shriekers, only to annoy it. With the Shriekers still making noise like Lord Lanceabit snores in chamber of echos Cyric cast Silence 15" Radius then proceeded to bash one to death. DOOM ignored the others then continued to follow Kerreth’s rods direction deeper into the Labyrinth.

As DOOM was passing through one chamber an Umber Hulk emerged from a wall surprising Sly causing three Stone Skins to vanish and, is the tradition of DOOM, causingSly to be Confused. The creature was then bashed and cut by Cyric and Kerreth from the front, then killed by Reginald bask-stabbing from the rear with the aid of Lord Lanceabit. The party then found the creatures lair and liberated it’s thousands of “ep”, gems and magic items. The only problem was that they were stuck in a labyrinth, this caused a direction sense fight between the Gnome and Druegar resulting in a 4 hour delay in the Undermountain adventure until they could get their bearings.

Following the Rods directions once again led DOOM to a Sahuagin mushroom farm with a large pool at one end. Finally Thraim woke up from his stupor, engorged (sorry Enlarged) himself and threw a boulder at one, crushing it. Strangely he started looking up to the left again while holding out the Continual Light gem for the others to see. The poor Sahuagin were armed with only Halbards so the fight was over in seconds as DOOM crushed, stabbed and hacked until no fishmen moved. So ended the night.



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