The Thieves of Waterdeep

Rest and Recreation

Arriving back in the City of Splendours, DOOM quickly fell back on bad habits. Sir Lanceabit became drunk on Brandy. Other members of DOOM quickly began to initiate their secretly insidious and quiet evil plots.

Kerreth had opened a present after Teleporting back to Waterdeep a week earlier only to find a IED inside the case of a fire trap. BOOM! Smoke cleared, leaving Kerreth with actions none the wiser, except not to open strange presents without checking for Traps… (Again)

DOOM met together at their not so secret hide out to begin to divide the loot with typical chaotic theory. Sir Lanceabit took the Ring of Diinji summoning, Plate +4, Broadsword +3, Bastard Sword +3 & Scepter of Ultimate Chaos. Cyric the Clerical scroll & plate +2 for a minion. Sly the Broach of shielding & Braces AC8. Reginald the Unwise got the Scarab of Protection. Kerreth the Wand of Wonder to add to her collection. Thraim unfortunately most unluckily (Thanks to Mr Consistent bad rolling DM) received 4 potions & pearls that might or might not work.

To break the inactivity a figure was seen hanging outside their lair. It again appeared to be another possessed figure of the mysterious mage who wanted them to retrieve another cloak from a certain address. DOOM said why not as they were off to the pub to talk to One-eyed Jukk. Jukk was extremely nervous as he had someone who wanted to meet them. This turned out to be a female dark elf, with a skimpy outfit, who offered the members of DOOM to join their unofficial Thieves Guild. Not wanting to behold themselves (cough) to anyone DOOM asked for more time. She left, Cyric and the now invisible Thraim trailed her to a Tavern in the dock ward. A trap door was uncovered to the cellar, where an obvious sliding door led to a passageway into the sewers. Cyric was a bit slower in arriving at the Tavern as he had to throw off pursuit of some Thieves trailing him.


The three mages and the invisible Sir Lanceabit, left to investigate the house with the cloak inside. Everyone turned invisible. The front door was picked, checked for traps as Reginald stealthy entered to see some slightly confused Gilthanki warriors guarding the interior. Sir Lanceabit now controlled by his shiny sword counted 10 such figures inside and immediately moved to dispatch one before anyone could say “subtle”. Round 1, the first surprised Gilthanki was splattered. Round 2 as Sir Lanceabit won initiative the second Gilthanki was splattered, before much more sound than a sickening wet splat hit the ground. Sir Lanceabit’s reputation as a glorious splattered of anything grew in the eyes of DOOM. Sir Lanceabit reapplied his ring of invisibility and waited…

The Three mages most un-magnificent, invisibly crept up the stairs to find a hallway, with three doors. Confusion reigned as they debated how to proceed.

Nights adventure ends…



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