The Thieves of Waterdeep

pyramid of choas pain

Death of Eddard

DOOM continued to clear rooms looking for the elusive key parts. Another secret door was opened to reveal a room with 5 people made of sand standing around a chest. A detect magic from Kerreth revealed the chest and all the statues to magical. DOOMs obvious trap detection went off. Knives were thrown at the statue to attempt to destroy them with no effect. Kerreth attempted to search for more traps entering the room, triggering the obvious trap. The Sand began to fall away from the statues revealing people guarding the chest. A woman with a Staff (obvious mage), A chain mailed figure with a mace (obvious cleric), Chain mailed broadsword wearing figure (fighter), Two handed sword plate mail wearing character (fighter) and a figure dressed in plate with a long sword (fighter). Various members of DOOM prepared for some serious backstabbing. Cyric asked Mask for support with a Recitation spell and Eddard began to hum a little ditty to inspire DOOM. For some reason Sly cast detect evil, but failed to read 2nd edition and caused the spell to suck more than a weasel in a bathtub. Reginald backstabbed the fighter with two handed sword to make her angry. Cyric failed to surprise and backstab the cleric. Thraim threw some knives at the longsword fighter. Eddard cast magic missile on the mage only to see the missiles being absorbed by a necklace. Kerreth drew her silly sword and immediately ran to the corner to cower. Sly attempted to cause a fighter to turn to a worm, but they saved. The Fighter with the broadsword went over to Cyric to hit him very heavily with his sharp sword. Surprisingly, next round Thraim holding his staff like a rifle pointed down the line of the Broadsword Fighter, Cleric and Mage and released a lightning bolt that hit all three and then bounced back from the wall to hit them all again. The Fighter saved twice and continued on, but both the cleric and mage succumbed to the lightning discharge and fell dead. Reginald blinked and smiled nicely with his sparkling eyes to charm the two handed sword fighter and asking her to protect him (failed the save only at -8). Eddard ran up and poked the longsword wearing fighter. Cyric flailed at the broadsword fighter, receiving a large wound in return. The longsword fighter was slain by Eddard, while Reginald blinded the two handed sword fighter with a light spell cast at her eyes. Thraim joined Cyric in fighting the Broadsword fighter. Sly waited at the door before bravely joining the fray with the two priests and yelling “I kill you”, hitting with his very small daggers. At this point Eddard felt very brave and attacked the two handed sword fighter with his two poky weapons, only to be cut in two by a massive critical and follow up splat (32 points of damage). DOOM collectively gasped. The Broadsword fighter was eventually dispatched by Cyric as Thraim bashed him with the staff and Sly repeatedly slashed him with his daggers. At this point nobody wanted to wanted to get in range of the Fighter, so the typically cowardly approach was opted for and she was slain by two thrown knives by Thraim. DOOM then examined the dead form of Eddard who was immediately searched for life signs or magic rings. His body was dumped in the portable hole to be turned into a undead butler at a later date.

DOOM systematically used the keys to open the next few doors. A room with an illusionary beholder was opened by Thraim. Before he could shout warnings about not seeing something that wasn’t there, most of the party ran away. Sly decided that a fireball was necessary and promptly fireballed Thraim. Thraim was only mildly hurt and very pissed off. Other party members began to realise their mistakes, except for Kerreth who ran in to slash at nothing. She was eventually convinced to stop. Thraim enlarged himself to reach the floating crystal projecting something that he couldn’t see and carry it off. The crystal resisted several physical attempts to destroy it. Being slightly silly the party visited the Trapped archmage who asked them to simply dispel magic it. Duh! The first attempt failed, causing a brief brake as spells were swopped. Thraim dispelled the magic and then shattered the crystal revealing another piece of the key.

The room of the Gargoyle statues was revisited. The door was jammed open. Kerreth cast magic missile to destroy the individual gems that the gargoyles were holding, releasing the very nasty acid gas trap. After waiting for the gas to disapate, a search revealed an obvious secret door and another key piece.

The final room in the central pyramid was opened revealing a pool. Kerreth cast a lighting bolt into the pool, obviously angering the pseudopod elementals who attacked. One was destroyed by magic missiles, the second one by a well struck staff and the final one was dispatched. Various alterself spells were used to examine the bottom of the pool. A large rock had to be lifted by swimming Thraim to find a trapped and lock chest. Inside was the final key piece.

Day ends



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