The Thieves of Waterdeep

Pyramid of chaos tests


As DOOM descended into the secret room of rest, they heard a clanking coming down the stairs, resulting in Sly, Reginald and Thraim Turning invisible. Cyric rapt himself up in his elven cloak (with Eddard’s blood stain on it) leaving only his feet poking out. Kerreth flattened herself against the all, unfortunately forgetting about her large chest. Luckily it turn out to be the thought to be lost retainer of Eddard, Sir Lanceabit. Sir Lanceabit came to report that he lost the horses, and the mule was gone. Nobody reminded him that the horses were in fact summoned “mounts”. However he was invited to join anyway in Eddard’s absence.

Resting in the secret room, all party members except for Sir Lanceabit were resting. Sir Lanceabit noticed that the other dwarf in the party started casting a spell. Without hesitation he decided that violence was the best course of action slashing the now invisible dwarf with his longsword, using his blind fighting skills. Two heavy slashes were recorded until a cry of “I give up” could be heard. Standing in the place of the dwarf was in fact a human wizard (having used a hat of disguise), called “Piteous”. Piteous items were removed and on pain of death he explained what each item was. Sir Lanceabit retrieved a ring of invisibility, Kerreth a staff that changed into a short sword, spell books and most unfairly a hat of disguise went to Cyric. It was decided that the Braces of protection AC 8 could be kept by Piteous as a sign of good faith. DOOM solemnly promised not to kill Piteous in exchange for his helping. He said he was after the treasure. After resting a remove curse was cast by Cyric on Kerreth silly sword of cowardice -2 dropping it on the floor.

DOOM continued towards the key room. Bright sparkly lights on the entranceway enticed Kerreth and Sly. However, these soon wore off and DOOM continued down a spiral staircase. A 10’ wide and 20’ high corridor with glowing crystal walls greeted DOOM. Two doors on either side were investigated. The first contained an illusionary lava pit and a pit of dead skeletons. Thraim boldly investigated revealing the illusion to some. The room opposite contained a man eating bugs while writing down a confusing script. He was questioned and left alone after the entire room being magical tested by Kerreth. Down the corridor were 4 alcoves each containing a statute and a final statute.

Before anyone could say “unholy butt monkeys” three very large apes with wings swooped down to attack. Fortunately, most of the party were invisible. Sly mage most surprising sent down a mighty fireball to get things warmed before they could swoop to attack. One attacked Sir Lanceabit, one on Cyric and the final one thought that Kerreth looked particularly yummy. Fortunately, Sir Lanceabit proved that he was indeed a dangerous foe and hacked his to death in one and a half rounds, before finishing off Kerreth’s as she confusingly wondered away. Reginald also listened to the confusing noises and stopped operating. Cyric’s was slain by Cyric as an enlarged Thraim assisted. As the battle finished, the confused Gnome decided that Thraim was the true enemy and started to attack. Thraim was genially taken by surprise but was missed. Next few rounds Thraim attempted to parry while the Reginald hacked away hitting once. Luckily his power was not in his follow through, doing only 8 points of damage. Sly had attempted to cast a colour spray to knock unconscious both dwarf and gnome forgetting that they were the most resistant to magic. As Reginald calmed down Thraim decided that enough was enough and started to swing at Reginald, who again blinked his sparkly eyes at Thraim to stop him in mid swing. All was right with DOOM again.

The dilemma of the statutes remained. The first whispered that if you agreed to wickedness and a freshly dead thing power would be granted to you. A dead flying monkey was offered and accepted. Thraim volunteered saying that backup was round the corner, entered the alcove and vanished. Confusion reigned. The most trusting and adventurous member of DOOM had vanished right before their eyes. DOOM shrugged their collective shoulders and investigated the remaining statutes, likewise for a sacrifice they would grant power. The woman statue with fangs wanted wanted a human sacrifice (All human members of DOOM eyes started to look left and right). A beautiful fighting male wanted a soul. Another whispered that it wanted dreams. The final statute of death attempted to slash Kerreth as she approached and then butchered the undead butt monkey animated by Cyric. Caution being the name of the game, no one approached death, with it’s long adamantine scythe. Thraim reappeared much to everyone’s dismay. He displayed his new shiny mace and immediately offered his Staff of Thunder to Sly. Greed and envy enveloped the faces of DOOM. Much to everyone’s enjoyment Thraim slipped up behind the invisible Piteous rapping his giant strengthened arms around him and threw him at the human sacrifice statute saying “I told you we wouldn’t kill you”. He cried out as the statute came alive and grabbed him, vanishing. Kerreth was the first to sprint through the hole and see what treasure she could find. She emerged 10 minutes later with a shiny necklace. The remaining members of DOOM became even more jealous. The Gnome offered himself into the statute whispering of wickedness after failing to pacify the sacrifice with his best illusions. It grabbed his head and sucked out Intelligence and Wisdom from him, much to everyone else’s enjoyment. Inside, the DOOM watch him retrieve a black cloak. The final sacrifice statute wanted and soul and Cyric wanted power so he gave up his shadow and probably the ability to come back from the dead. Inside was a black box held between two giant statutes of frogs. A frog statute began to move opening the box revealing a shiny bastard sword. The party nominated Sir Lanceabit to retrieve it. All was well as the perfect person for the perfect sword was retrieved.

DOOM began to debate what to do with the statute of death with the very nasty scythe…



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