The Thieves of Waterdeep

Pyramid of Chaos continued

Kerreth ran away again

Resting to gather their resources in the secret alcove between the main pyramid complex and the entrance way the party heard the pitiful scratching of fingers outside the secret entranceway and a small cry for help. Mass debate occurred mainly because Kerreth was bending over opening the secret door in a provocative manner. A dwarf emerged claiming to be the leader of the missing Dwarven mission. He resisted charm attempts by our good friend and trusted alley Reginald. However, as he might know something he was allowed to accompany the party.

Investigations began behind the now broken ruin of the stone golem to reveal a secret wall. Unfortunately, Thraim failed to find it allowing Kerreth to find it instead. A room with a mysterious key shaped dial was found, 8 Keys were needed. Investigations of the central part of the pyramid began. Secret doors were discovered throughout, thanks mainly to the unbelievable symmetry in all chaos temples. Room one contained 4 possible gargoyles with gems in their eyes. Kerreth bypassed the trap and then left without finding any key. The trap was set off and the secret door closed and locked itself. The party waiting outside, could only guess what happened so moved on resolutely.

The next room door opened to discover 10 wraiths waiting weirdly for any silly party member to traipse in an pick up treasure. Fortunately, no one volunteered. Immediate casting of negative plane protection by both not so noble priests. Kerreth Wraith formed and discovered it was worth taking. A zombie was selected to enter pick up the treasure before the wraiths attacked. It picked up the treasure to find another key.

A room was discovered with a self-appointed arch mage who claimed to be trapped by denizens of chaos in this pyramid. The party actually chose not to test him on this fact and take some advice. He told to be wary of being greedy. The party acknowledged this that most of the items in this pyramid appeared to be cursed. DOOM left promising to do all that they could to stop this evil, mostly to avoid a direct confrontation.

Other rooms were searched discovering more keys as zombies and Kerreth were steadily used to disarm the traps and see what was going to happen. An Ooze room was discovered and was subsequently attacked by fire from thrown fire trapped oil by Cyric and wand of fire blasted by Kerreth. Eventually, one oozed out to be destroyed by Thraim using his now infamous flaming torch approach, Not before he received major acid burns to his body. A healing spell was cast.

The mirror room was partially destroyed by a summoned wild boar from Reginald, much to the delight of the watching sausage brigade thinking of bacon. A trapped chest was discovered revealing fake treasure. Two secret doors were discovered after being searched for. A pile of gold, ferret figurine, wand and a piece of the key were found. In the next door room a glowing amulet was found. Kerreth was burned trying to get it, however the goodie goodie no shoes Sly put it on and smiled widely (after an essay of a note was passed from the DM).

Two keys were used on another room, causing poison darts to bounce off Thraim followed by a fire explosion as the door opened. As the smoke cleared the party again looked slightly stunned, except for Thraim who only grinned widely. Inside was a sword stuck in stone. It again burned Kerreth, but Sly was too weak to pull it out.

Behind another secret door was an iron bound chest. Inside were 50 tiny skeletons who immediately swarmed the party. Kerreth blasted with the wand of fire. Sly magic missiled 4. Cyric floated up to the ceiling. The zombie was torn to shreads and the remaining Thraim, Reginald, Eddard and Dwarf were swarmed. Next round more were magic missiled by Sly, Kerreth took out her swords and promptly ran away, Cyric missed with his thrown fire and the others battled on. Unbelievably at this point Sly caused 12 skeletons to be destroyed by using his holy symbol. Others were battered and hit to death. Cyric missed again with his fire. In the distance Kerreth became into a beserk rage at being trapped and started ineffectually hacking at the skeletons attacking her. Her magic sword now appeared to be particularly blunt and ineffectual, but her short sword was sharp. Her rage stopped as the last of the two attacking her died.



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