The Thieves of Waterdeep

Professional Burglars at Last

Arriving back at the “lair” where evil resides, a short break was applied, with some much needed rest and recreation. Many members of DOOM started committing acts of intrigue and slimy sneakiness, whereas Sir Lanceabit, got drunk. It must be reminded the audience that somehow the gold that Sir Lanceabit throws around seems to vanish after it is greedily taken by the proprietors of the many Taverns he frequents.

The party share was randomly rolled for, with somehow Sir Lanceabit taking the lions share. An ion stone now floats around the head of Reginald the Unwise.

Kerreth, being the ever vigilant still checked the sewer grate postal service to find a message from One Eyed Jukk. Being bored and not having much intrigue to participate, Thraim greedily said lets go. Jukk revealed that he had received a message from our new employers saying that a job to rob a statute was being offered (hence the title of “Professional Burglars at Last”) with payment being 500 gp for each member of DOOM. A collective sigh of greed escape from DOOM’s lips as they readily agreed. Sir Lanceabit still in the sword throws wanted to immediately go down and splat Mr B with his wonderful shiny sword.

Some quick investigation by the variety of spies in the employ of the Spy Master Cyric and Guild master Reginald discovered the whereabouts of the mysterious statue owner, his house and his guard in the North Ward. Investigations to case the joint began. Unfortunately, that is where the coordination ended.

Cyric decided to impersonate one of the house servants (Gillian), break into his house and then used the evil powers of mask to hold Gillan and his wife Elanor in their sleep, then did the classic evil monologue before killing them in their held forms with his unholy knife. Who knew a lack of a soul would be so liberating, poor Sly was sighing away here. He failed to mention this to the rest of DOOM before he left so they remained in their variety of invisible forms attempting to break in an search the merchants house. As no one witnessed this crime, therefor it did not happen…Cyric

Sir Lanceabit waited invisibly outside. Kerreth slipped inside with the changing of the guard, banging herself on the door frame as she went in. Thraim just invisibly opened the front door and quietly strolled in. The guard being very poor failed to notice anything untoward and merely closed the door. Reginald and Sly using the powers of invisibility and fly, entered from an upstairs window. The invisible search began, highlighted by Thraim tightrope walking along a banister to avoid a guard in the stairwell. Kerreth searched the ground floor, Thraim the second floor and Sly and Reginald searched the Third.

Halfway through the caper the city watch appeared at the front door saying that they had been given a tip that the house was being burgled (overheard from Sir Lanceabit in the street, Thraim on level 2 and Reginald on level 3). The guards assured the City watch that they weren’t (as DOOM had been surprisingly quiet), but the merchant was woken from bed and spoken to. Sir Lanceabit resisted the temptation to hack the watch to pieces (boooo!). The Merchant and guards began to search the house just in case. Kerreth slipped behind the merchant to his bedroom to see him pulling out his sword. Fortunately, Sly and Reginald left a window open upstairs causing the perfect distraction as the guards and Merchant searched upstairs Sly and Reginald fled flying invisibly away (after stealing some very expensive chamber pots). Kerreth slipped out the ground floor. Thraim opened the office door (the guard watching had gone upstairs), found the statue in a locked case, picked the lock, stole it, then picked the lock in the office desk and stole a small purse. Thraim then skilfully slipped out the second story window, locking it behind him, climbing down and returning to the lair. Amazingly, everyone except Thraim thought that the whole caper was a trap and wanted immediate revenge. Luckily the purse was opened in the presence of the lucky Sir Lanceabit to discover 10 gems including 3 worth 5000gp each and another worth 1000gp. DOOM had hit the jackpot!

DOOM prepared to meet Jukk again. Sly had prepared some ESP spells to try and discover the sneaky mole who had blurted out that the burglary was in progress. That informant will meet a sticky and nasty end..


Erm a Ring of Spell storing with Insect Plague as its most powerful spell, 2 Potions of Extra healing ,and a 2H sword +1, that is the Lions share of a punch of crap if you ask me. Although insect plague might be a good getaway item in time of peril

Professional Burglars at Last

It should also be noted that A) Lanceabit is rich enough to buy Booze without resorting to Djinni magic B)if he were to resort to Djinni magic then he would simply get it to create the Booze in the first place.

Professional Burglars at Last

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