The Thieves of Waterdeep

Plots within Plots

After vigorous discussion between the evil party members, it was decided to return the two charmed clerical minions of Bane to their leader with a note asking for a meet. A venue was decided upon, The Bloody Fist Tavern. Sly the goodie goodie two shoes left to see his master about learning a new spell. Gaze reflection was selected with a minimum of debate and laughter. The power now emanates through his very being…

The tavern drinking establishment was entered during the afternoon before build up, with only three patrons currently at the central bar. Thraim in a uncharacteristic display off generosity offered to buy drinks. The local tough decided that Thraim was a lecher and attempted to strike the small dwarf. Typically, Thraim replied in kind by punching him in the kidneys, knocking him unconscious. Thraim offered to drink or fight with the remaining two patrons. Both decided that free drinks were better than a punch to the kidneys. Fast Eddard in a moment of jealousy decided that Thraim should be punished for his strength and quietly stood on the unconscious peasants neck until he stopped breathing. Thraim noticed but couldn’t be bothered to interfere.

The Tavern began to fill up with a range of patrons, until eventually the Patriarch of Bane arrived with bodyguards and a charmed minion in tow. The minion recognized his good friend the Gnome and introduced his leader. Fast Eddard began negotiations and an mutual beneficial understanding was reached. The Party could visit the secret lair whenever they wished. Kerreth sick of having her chest groped started a bar fight with three patrons. Standing under the table, Thraim punched out another peasant. Other patrons saw this as their opportunity to get the boot in and attacked the Gnome. His invisibility spell was interrupted by a fist. Kerreth was grabbed from the side in an inappropriate bear hug by a local tough causing her to threaten and fuetally beat her hand against his chest. The toughs began to drag her into a corner for some more “fun”. Fast Eddard causally killed any peasant knock unconscious by Thraim blaming him for each “accident”. Reginald finally cast a scare spell causing most of the bar to cower and fall down into a fear shaking fit. Thraim and Kerreth saved, Fast Eddard fell over blubbing like a school boy. Cyric dressed as a Sly want to be looked on from the corner. The three demi humans exited the bar followed by two armoured figures. Cyric trailed the trailers. Thraim observed the pair following them and the three ducked down a side alley. The two armoured figures hurried round the corner to be met by a barrage of charm person spells, from Reginald and Kerreth. Both fighter types stupidly stopped and apologised to their new friends claiming that had been sent by the Patriarch of Bane to tail them to party’s lair. Kerreth in a cunning display on intrigue happily informed them that they lived at the address of a multiple murder committed by the party months earlier. The two happy fighters left thanking their friends for revealing what they needed to know.

Arriving at the lair the party decided on two facts. One the new party name had been chosen. Minions of Mask, or MOM for short. Sly looked devastated that he already was wearing jewellery with the insignia on it. Secondly the Friends of Fireshare had their comeuppance coming. A plan was laid, to have leave a note to the Friends of Fireshare revealing the location of their missing magical tome, at the same location of the multiple murder house now under watch from the Bane worshipers. A finder’s fee of 5000 gp was asked for to convince them that this was on the level. While the “Friends” were out MOM would rob them at their hang out of the Cliffwatch Inn in the north ward. Reginald and Thraim turned invisible to listen to the conversation of the “Friends” to attempt to discover where they hid their loot. Thraim had snuck into their rooms as they entered. Reginald listened from outside.

Day ends


MOM is only half of the people of this company, hope you don’t mind if the rest of us ignore the MOM.

Plots within Plots

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