The Thieves of Waterdeep

Operation Burgle Blunder

A true and accurate account of tales of the city. Episode IV…

Synopsis: The joint was cased and stuff stolen that we didn’t share! OR…

The city of splendours has again suffered at the hands of the mystery crew of violent and dangerous gang of murderous thieves. The shop of The Black Mask a urban sycophant of the upper class and gentry was investigated and cased by the crew. The front window was warded and heavily guarded by 2 fighter types. One patrolled the rim and the other stood inside the shop and patrolled.

A very cleaver plan was hatched. Step one the guard on the outside was held by the evil priest of mask and then as the frozen body was moved across the street his throat was cut from ear to ear. Sly Turner turned a sickly green as the first level wizard was not used to the sight of human blood. The priest then cast silence and allowed the noble and fantastically short Dwarf Thraim to pick the lock. The back door unfortunately barred as well. Thraim under the cover of evil silence then booted to door to pieces in an unsubtle and violent act. The bottom floor was dark, the humans in their naïve stupidity stood silently still as the gnome and noble dwarf (aforementioned) silently stole up the stairs towards the back entrance of the shop. The back door was picked revealing… A curtain. Much mirth was had as a reverse concealed door was found. Stealing a look under the curtain revealed the remaining guard patrolling inside. While the surprised an evil spell was cast by the noble one failing due to the magnificence of fate (Save = 20) and then battle was joined. This was the last of the successes. The fighter had been trained in the mighty fighting arts and able to cut sizable chucks from the noble aforementioned dwarf who flailed feebly with his heavy mace. The fine specimen of a gnome backstabbed the fighter for absolutely minimum damage while he steadily cut more chunks from the dwarf. A semi might blow was sent to the fighter who demonstrated that the pointy end of the sword does indeed go into the evil little dwarf. Another silence was cast from the back to muffle the noises of blade into dwarf. Just when all hope was lost Sly turner now Mage Prestidigitator arrived and carefully and inconsistently murdered the guard with a careful cut. The noble dwarf had had 38 hp of damage cut out of him. A ransack of the shop now occurred with Sly and Cyric looting the front while Reginald and Thraim stole from the back and stole an iron bound chest.

The evil doers exited the building from the ground floor after having a cursory look inside the ground floor. They fled back to their lair thinking that they had pooled the crime of century. The background the DM laughed as no one had even searched for a secret trap door to find the real treasure as a variety of chirps had been made and Reginald ran off with the rest.

Back at the lair, the chest was opened to reveal = Stuff all. A tiny amount of gems. And a potion of Plant control… Everyone following the traditions of chaos rolled dice to see who would receive this might award. Sly was chosen…

The Evil crew then with bottom lips hanging out wanted to find a real “score” but with no planning and forethought decided to rob another grave. The Something Bold’s were chosen from the city of the dead and a night mission was decided on. All went well. The front door was picked and several coffins were stolen from. The little gnome even managed to open a coffin with a unbreakable crowbar. On beginning to exit another party was discovered… A very foxy lady and her muscled companions. Stupidly, his only two silvered knives were thrown into her by Thraim. Reginald and Sly immediately thought with their pants and decided that they were with the wrong party and she needed their “personal” protection. Initiative was rolled. A collective “casting a spell” was heard from the clerics and multiple hold persons were fired off into the room. All the enemy fighters and Reginald stopped moving. Sly fought off these spell effects and attempted to cut small pieces out of Cyric. Next round Cyric contemptuously back handed Sly while three small magic stones were thrown at the foxy lady. She turned into a fox and ran off. Nobody could do anything about it… As fox left Sly began to apologise for his mistake. Throats were cut. Reginald’s miserable life flashed before his eyes as he came a hairs breath from death. The Evil clerics with their holy knives weighed his miserable life in their hands.

The only positive through was that at least Fast Eddard wasn’t there as well as those characters without 13 wisdom were automatically charmed. Fast Eddard’s reputation far exceeds Sly’s fighting power.

Day end…


Stuff all = 2380gp about 25 Years wages for a heavy infantry soldier for each of the 4 thieves on the heist, Not a bad haul but not as much as we would have liked.

Operation Burgle Blunder

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