The Thieves of Waterdeep

Haunted Mansion - Part 3

Recovering from the laughter as Cyric the semi specialist priest of Mask’s paralyzed nature became apparent. It was decided to prop him up on the throne room, with a silly pose. Only unintelligible moans came from this mouth. This, the kind hearted party took as his agreement to be used as bait while they went off to search for more treasure. Thraim chose to place some magical protection in the shape of a Wyvern watch spell over the incapacitated villain. Leaving to search a nearby room the party heard the sounds of surprise as two individuals came in contact with the magical defence of a striking wyvern. Unfortunately, it seemed to have no effect. However, the brave and heroic party immediately leaped at the chance to “save” cyric by chasing the would be interlopers throughout the house. It has to be noted that Cyric was left abandoned on the throne as they chased the two individuals using the Thieves skills of hear noise. One individual “Boric” was chased to the underground prison where he surrendered to the party as he was out matched. As he was tied up, the glorious Gnome of the mystical and sparkling eyes blinked at Boric until he smiled back. Boric quickly revealed how his toilet trap went. Boric using the sneakiness of a elven cloak had hidden in the walkway under the house and a victim falling into the toilet trap actually fell into his portable hole. Everyone except for Eddard (who had heard of this kind of stunt before) was very impressed.

An investigation of our new friend Boric revealed that he carried not just the portable hole, elven cloak but magical leather armour. Thraim couldn’t resist any longer. Without warning he approached Boric from behind and attempted to smash his skull in with his engorged mace. Boric attempted to flee but was smashed from behind again to die. Sly bemoaned this evil and coward less act. Cyric moaned (must have been very loudly) from the throne room that not attempt at intrigue was made. However, Thraim was certain of his evil convictions that Boric had something he wanted, so he was murdered with cruel and deliberate intent. Thraim obviously could cope with having to convince someone to give up their treasure, so the quick and easy option was made. All three evil demi humans nodded with cruel agreement as Boric’s skull smashed with a sickly squelchy noise.

About this time Cyric managed to wake up from this centipede induced coma. After watching a poor version of the Scottish Play in front of the fountain outside MOMOAD decided to camp out in the stables as Eddard felt the need to role play the part of a missing dead boy. Various hiding places were taken (Cyric hid outside on the roof during a thunderstorm) while Eddard prepared to play his part. The Beautiful ghost turned up, passed her hands through Eddard and then possessed Kerreth’s body to take a more physical role. Eddard grinned and continued to play on. Thraim from the pervert’s hiding place couldn’t believe his luck. Just as it was about to get very interesting the Ghost for some mysterious reason released this was wrong and fled abandoning the possessed body of Kerreth in a state of disrepair. Eddard winked and suggested that they could still carry on. Kerreth felt sullied and retreated.

More investigation was made as to where in the mansion the treasure was hidden. The word “Vault” was bandied about. It was decided to ask the skull “yorrick”. Seven Questions were allowed to be asked. What is your name? How can we put your family to rest? How many family members are there? Where is the vault? How do we get in? And most importantly, how do we get out of the Vault? The skull was of the Viscount who revealed that the vault was behind the Mirror of Opposition and when the command word Medusa was spoken it would open. Perseus was the command word to leave the vault. The party acknowledged the wisdom of Thraim to ask this.

Before the Vault could be opened a visitation by two of family ghosts arrived explaining the history on how they were murdered and who did it. MOMOAD agreed of course to assist them in any way (mainly due to no one wanting to age 10-40 years per ghost hit). Preparations were made before the Vault mirror was opened. Spells were cast by as many of those that had some. The Mirror opened to an extra dimensional space 50’ in diameter brimming with treasure. The whole party immediately stopped sensing the trap. Wands of Enemy detection and gems of viewing were used to determine what kind of nasties were waiting. Skeletons, Shadows and a Undead ethereal Raven. Thraim and Kerreth stepped forward to spring this trap, by clearing a space within the treasure.

Unsurprisingly, the undead attacked. Magic stones were thrown by Thraim hitting the Undead Raven man thing 3 times doing lots of damage. Reginald managed cast slow upon several of the shadows, Cyric threw here explosive oil. Sly turned into a wraith the step to the side (very understandably). Eddard stabbed a skeleton to pieces. Kerreth and Thraim were surrounded by the 7 skeletons and 3 shadows. Reginald made extra copies of himself that actually drew off an attack. Cyric swung his flail into a shadow, Eddard chopped 2 other skeletons to dust. Next round a shadow attacking Thraim vanished in a puff of Protection from the Negative plane spell self-defence. Cyric’s likewise spell failed to work causing him to drained. The big bad shadow raven creature attacked Eddard draining him, but receiving more serious wounds in return. Sly threw his explosive magical flask to destroy several skeletons and wound Reginald simultaneously, then joining the fray with his undead wounding dagger. Thraim bashed another shadow to pieces. Kerreth fell unconscious due to skeleton wounds. Eddard continued to be drained but kept wounding the Big bad until he killed it. The remaining shadows were dispatched pretty quickly by Reginald & Cyric. The skeletons were picked off and destroyed.

After the battle a huge pile of treasure and some magic items were found. With Bags of money, gems, jewellery art objects. The party spent several days joyfully sorting through the treasure, before leaving. MOMAOD were able to be sustained by the clerical abilities of Thraim and Cyric. The cunning nature allowed them to turn themselves invisible and slip out the mirror carrying almost everything of value in the portable hole



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