The Thieves of Waterdeep

Haunted house - part 2


The party continued searching the house for treasure. Entering upstairs they saw the ghostly woman watching them from the balcony, immediately springing into action running upstairs to the library, crushing a book worm thanks to to brave efforts of Thraim. Eddard picked up some poetry books, always on the hunt to find fresh lyrical talent (and plagerise the hell out of it) Rooms were searched finding a mysterious skull. Eddard acting like the true bard started saying, “alas poor Yorick” and pocketed the skull for future thespian efforts (probably involving ventriliquism). Returning to the landing a Ghostly women was encountered dancing to unheard music. Eddard, always eager for oppurtunities to meet hot young women, dashed eagerly to cop a feel. Only to find that there was nothing to grab hold of and that the ghostly girl had mistaken him for her lost Tommy. Never one to let mistaken identity or non corporealness get in the way of a potential conquest Eddard used all of his considerable skill to dance with her. When the dance was over she whispered in Eddards ear to meet her at midnight in the loft and vanished like an old oak table. NB it should be noted that DOOM has within its ranks many members who have considerable skill at dancing. Potential success as a variety act awaits if crime does not pan out.
A room with a hidden mirror behind a tapestery revealed copies of Thraim and Kerreth. Both were attacked and easily killed by DOOM along with Joshua who was killed in a fireball blast from Kerreth II (You could say they met their DOOM). Everyone else saved, with Thraim and Cyric being immune as having planned to be fireballed that day, with protection spells already cast. Serious consideration was given to letting Thraim and Kerreth battle their copies in order to see what would happen, however not wishing to risk getting a worse version of Thraim the party intervened. Kerreth turned invisible only to be struck down by a colour spray by Sly. The copy of Kerreth was slain by Cyric uttering a typical mask prayer over the body, “earth to earth, ashes to ashes, your dead & I’ll take your head”. The Thraim copy fought to the end with a rapier in the side from the grinning bard Eddard. Unfortunately, the bodies vanished, before looting could take place.
Searching other rooms revealed a mages closet, but no bed (evil furniture movers are suspected, although you did remember seeing a large bed in the basement prison area…). Several potions and a magical gem. a skeleton was left in the closet which everyone ignored, including the adventure book. Downstairs they found a badly hidden pit trap to a darkened hole, filled with water. The body of Joshua from the dungeon was thrown in as a scientific experiment. The body vanished, so did the blackness.
A large bath tub full of skeletons was discovered and found not to be Zombies (which would have been cooler) They were destroyed as a matter of no consequence. In the houses main dining room Cyric looked into the fireplace and was immediately attacked by huge centipedes. He fell over paralysed, but still alive as he was not a Paladin with 18-00 strength The bugs were squashed and DOOM found great amusement robbing Cyric and posing him in embarassing positions. The looting and general walking around not noticing things will continue….


Poor Cyric where are his friends …. he can still see people…..His “friends” wouldn’t steal from him. Would they????
To be fair…. it was his fault he did go and try to do someting brave… that’ll teach him. Honestly though Cyric may not be helping much in the house unless another brother cleric of mask has the ability to swap out a spell.

Haunted house - part 2

Probably there will be no theft (damnit) A combination of Honour amongst thieves and nobody really wants to steal from a priest of Mask. However there WILL be silly poses.

Haunted house - part 2

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