The Thieves of Waterdeep

Gilthanki house continued

The major crew excluding the nominated official DOOM continued to explore the house opening the upstairs bedroom to find a human male sleeping in bed. As Sir Lanceabit attempted some unsubtle dialog, the other invisible members of DOOM hid as a posy of Gilthanki rushed into the room. Sir Lanceabit was able to calmly suggest to the surprised house owner to climb under the bed as he weighed into chopping the first wave of Gilthanki warriors into pieces. The other members of thievery types continued to hide, until some Gilthanki backs were turned. Kerreth and Reginald the Unwise bravely backstabbed the leader type and then managed to chop a second Gilthanki to pieces. Sly remaining invisible hid as more rushed past and then kept searching the next door rooms for the missing cloak. As the Gilthanki again rushed into the room chasing the pretending to be scared Kerreth, Reginald the Unwise again backstabbed expertly from behind and Sir Lanceabit used the rush and hack method with great finesse. The Gilthanki were hacked to pieces in short order.

The house owner pocked his head out from under the bed and was immediately charmed by gnomish persuasion. He confessed his innocence about the Gilthanki arriving. However, as he was discussing these small and insignificant facts Kerreth was subtly moving behind the conversation and no quicker than that a Rapier was expertly put into the unfortunate fellows neck, ending his irrelevant life.

The remaining house was searched only revealing some tables lying on the floor. A conversation was held after successful looting of the bodies, eventually resulting in all the bodies being put into the “hole”. Debate resulted as to what kind of sickly mess people would find if the delved into the bag looking for treasure, but instead found semi rotting corpses. The house was now volunteered as a new secret base. DOOM tottered home.

Elsewhere in the city of adventure, Cyric pick pocked in the bar waiting for anything to happen. Thraim explored the sewers finding a lone door. Investigations and a great deal of sneaking revealed that it was a dungeon, not the missing thieves guild. He left after briefly scouting out the entrance. After a reconvening at DOOM party headquarters the bodies from the hole were fed to the grateful door. The door began to be quite full stuffed with bodies. Items and treasure was divided up. The cursed lawful hating mace was turned into a door handle, with a firetrap was also placed on the door. The plan was simple, if a lawful creature (normally a police type fella) attempted to open the door he would immediately be hit with a harm spell, followed by a nasty fire trap, hopefully killing the unsuspecting copper almost instantly. DOOM giggled in their evil little heads.

Mr Mage turned up outside the lair and was immediately given the cloak, with typically much shoulder shrugging. DOOM decided to investigate the dungeon that Thraim discovered. The first Trap was disarmed (thanks to Thraim finding it), and DOOM proceeded down some trapped stairs, now disarmed by Kerreth. Four slowly floating glass globes approached the DOOM only to be destroyed by a thrown knife and magic missiles from Kerreth. The resulting semi traps didn’t affect the party. Poisonous spores, an undead Shadow and a small glass explosion. However, the released air elemental destroyed the Shadow before Thraim could cry “mine”, and moved to attack the party. Sir Lanceabit and Thraim stood steadfast as it flailled semi uselessly at Sir Lanceabit. Magic missiles and much whacking occurred defeating the poor creature in short order.

Day/Night ends…



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