The Thieves of Waterdeep

Finishing off the Sewer Creep

Traps and Treasure

Carrying on down the central pyramid room DOOM entered a new lower level of the dungeon. Immediately turning right a heavy stone door was lifted by Thraim to discover a circular room surrounded by statues with a sword stuck in black stone in the centre. A concealed door was miraculously spotted across the room. DOOM immediately spotted the obvious trigger point of the trap and decided that swords in stones are best left for wannabe kings and left the room to investigate the corridor behind them.

Strolling down the corridor DOOM came across a large cavern with a sandy floor 50’ below them, a rickety bridge over a deep pit and pedestal. Upon which caused a gasp of greedy pleasure from the group. A huge gem glittered across the gap. DOOM immediately sprang into action leaving Sir Lanceabit guarding the rear at the top of 50’ drop. A rope was secured at the top with Thraim the dwarven climber expert to climb first down, securing the bottom. Unfortunately, Reginald the most unwise as he started at the top decided to itch his nose falling from the rope. Thraim wise to such stupidity stepped aside as the unwise gnome hit the ground beside him. A cry of “oooohhhh” from the remaining climbing members of DOOM. Reginald claimed a sprained ankle and was healed by Thraim and a quickly drunk potion. An investigation of the sandy floor revealed that the sand covered a slightly unsafe wooden floor and a 90’ drop below. DOOM carefully crept across the floor. Cyric and the carried mini Kerreth floated on the ceiling past the number of stalactites. Somehow Reginald determined that the bridge was another trap, pivoting to a 130’ drop. With Thraim’s help it was fastened securely allowing the investigation of the Gem and it pedestal. A pressure trap was discovered requiring a Indiana Jones swap of the gem before the pressure point gets released. Cyric with the most nimble hands was selected as the expert “swapper”. The remaining members of DOOM retreated across the Bridge and Sand before an attempt of the swap was made. Cyric proved his mettle, but failed to palm the gem as Kerreth sat on his shoulder and shouted “oi”. DOOM climbed out of the cavern and back to the room with sword.

Sir Lanceabit opened the door, but Sly mage most surprising notice that the statues were weeping oil. The stone was stuck in black rock made of flint. The detect obvious BOOM oil fire trap was quickly realised. The sword was ignored again the party exited out the concealed door. A short trip down the corridor revealed a side passage with a possible tomb to rob. But most importantly a magical (later to be revealed as a cursed iron maiden) set of full plate mail and a sarcophagus. The Full Plate mail was stashed inside the portable hole by the gnome as Thraim and Sir Lanceabit opened the Sarcophagus lid. Before a monologue could happen, Thraim bashed the skull of the skeleton inside, but it appeared to a skeleton not anything more sinister. DOOM left the Tomb grinning about the magical very expensive full plate mail that they discovered.

At the end of the corridor a concealed door was discovered, revealing a illusionary room. At the bottom of a 60’ spiked pit trap was a skeleton of an unfortunate silly wizard who failed to notice the obvious (in this dwarf’s opinion). Thraim being noble and true stopped the party telling them whatever they saw might have been an illusion. The corpse at the bottom was looted (Braces, Ring & Spell book). DOOM walked around the pit trap and out to a circular room with a spiral riddle script on the floor. The answer was too obvious that Thraim boldly strode into the room shouting Blah blah blah, HORN, blah blah. (Thraim was distracted by his own voice and forgot what he said). The door across the room opened.

A Sliding door in the corridor behind was opened and re-oiled by Thraim who didn’t like the squeaky nature of its hinge. The continued down the corridor. Stairs down to a room with an office at the bottom, an old man sat at the desk working away. Sir Lanceabit deciding the elderly man was a wizard rushed down the stairs to intending to chop him to bits before a spell could be cast. Everyone else just looked on with horror (Thraim just giggled evilly). But as he thundered down upon the helpless old man Sword raised to do most awful things, Something deep inside Sir Lanceabits drink adled brain said “erm?” Drawing to a shuddering halt before the unconcerned old man he lowered his sword and indigently enquired as to why he was not filling his trousers with terror or casting a spell. The old man levelled an unconcerned gaze at his would be butcher and stated that “no mortal could harm him”. Lanceabit did quick calculation (old man + Mysterious calm = Mad as or Badass. Never one to risk the later he put away Bedlam and let the old man speak. The old man asked if we were here to see “The Master”, DOOM agreed shrugging their shoulders and followed the clerk down behind two secret doors to a room with a beholder (Plus 6 gargoyle minions and another fighter) in it. Sir Lanceabit had begun to get angrier and angrier as he approached the room and was preparing to attack the beholder without mercy. Fortunately, the anti-magical eye cancelled out his swords control of his mind and he was able to stand still and not attack. Both Kerreth and Thraim returned to their normal size in the anti-magic gaze.

Mr beholder and minions

“The Master” the beholder congratulated DOOM on passing all the tests on getting here and asked if DOOM want to join their non-official thieves guild. DOOM said “what the hell yes, we need jobs anyway”, and began to secretly think how they could kill the beholder and take over. Sir Lanceabit was the only one who did this out loud, but managed not to physically start anything. DOOM left to return to the surface of Waterdeep to get their new shinny’s investigated.

Back on the surface, the variety of magic items found were identified and money divided up. Thraim locked himself in an underground room, casting his most powerful protection magics and began to dissect the thieve’s box. A after a night of fire trap explosions, lighting bolts and poison blades (save or die) one small ring of spell storing was found. 54 open lock tests and 8 failures resulting in the traps being set off, Thraim emerged unharmed as the powers of Mask (and evil dwarven nature) had saved him.

Kerreth dispelled the magical diminution with her very small dispel magics… (the Beholder gave her hope) and she fixed herself.



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