The Thieves of Waterdeep

End of Chaos

The big bad

The remaining large diamond statute with the scythe waited at the end of the corridor as a vigorous debate raged out of its reach. Eventually it was the intelligence of Sly the most sly mage who reminded everyone that we had a key. Kerreth Mage most brave approached the statute expecting to be splattered only to see the statute step aside. The remaining members of DOOM quickly ran behind Kerreth’s ample skirts and moved around her and into the now sliding wall that was revealed.

A corridor and an Iron bound door greeted Thraim, everyone else imagined seeing a frog like demon, and started reacting badly. Spells were cast and general semi panic ensued until Thraim casually walked through the demon, dispelling the illusionary demon for the rest of the party. However, behind the illusion as a waiting trapper. It attempted to surprise and envelope Thraim. He hit it (and Sir Lanceabit) before he was engulfed. The others began to attack also damaging the now groaning Thraim. The Trapper gave up the Ghost and died very quickly. Thraim was forced to heal himself (Cyric also helped) after taking only 38 points of damage in 2 rounds. After typically checking for Traps by Kerreth the door was unlocked to reveal a 30’ round room with a chaos symbol in the floor and a possible key hole in the shape of the chaos key. As Kerreth carefully stepped across tentacles emerged from the chaos sign and started to squeeze Kerreth. Seeing her perfect breasts in danger (and it would be a shame to damage them as there is a shortage of perfect breasts in the world) DOOM leaped into action. Sir Lanceabit causally strode into the room swinging his highly magical bastard sword with great effect. Sly turned invisible and hid at the back. Kerreth attempted to poke a tentacle. Cyric strode in and started flailing away, Thraim asked for Mask’s protection as Reginald cast a magic missile cough. Next round Thraim joined the whack a tentacle game as the others hacked and flailed away. In short order all the tentacles were dispatched reducing the sign of chaos to nothing. The key was inserted into the key hole.

Turning the key typically made the door at the end of the room transform into a corridor (or the same corridor if Kerreth was unlucky). The first corridor led to a cold door that released a torrent of water, fortunately the door to the room was open and most of the water quickly drained away. Nothing else was found there. Another turn of the key revealed a room filled with mist and a glowing light, as Thraim approached he immediately noticed that it was a covering a pit trap. Reginald caused a gust of wind to move the mist away as Cyric attempted to levitate down. This caused the pit a possible treasure to be revealed. The glowing light was in fact a willow o wisp which immediately attacked. Thraim threw his knives away, Cyric attempted to levitate back to the party protection as the mages began to magic missile the wisp to pieces. Treasure, Magical Leather Armour and a very shiny magical dagger was found at the bottom.

Anther turn of the dial revealed a corridor with 13 steps going up to a dragon inscribed door. Paranoia ensued. Kerreth confirmed the suspicions of Cyric that all 13 steps were trapped and systematically began to disarm them all. The 10th step was a problem causing the brave (and slightly foolish) Thraim as a ginny pig. Unfortunately it was a catapult trap to cause him to land on the acid etched sticky step above. Thraim left is cloak behind as he moved away from the stickiness. The trap was avoided by everyone climbing or flying away around the step. The riddle of how to get by the door was solved by Sly asking to be let through.

Inside was a giant room with a huge fiery sword glowing on the ground. At the end of the room was a figure in plate mail wielding evil looking sceptre who immediately began monologging. Thraim kept attempting to sway the semi invisible Sly to fireball him, but fortunately Sly resisted wanting to listen to the speech. The Chaos figure asked if someone would take over the mantle of chaos and Sir Lanceabit said why not. The elderly man crumbled to dust as the chaos sceptre was handed over. DOOM again shrugged their shoulders and said “eeeh”, Sly looked even more uncomfortable than usual. Inside the throne (too big for Thraim to take home) was a secret button in the shape of the sceptre’s gem pommel. Behind was a secret door and a corridor. Another secret door was discovered revealing a crypt protected by glyph’s of warding. Thraim used stone shape to go under the protected lids and get the treasure of a necklace, sword, Black Platemail and mace. DOOM continued down the corridor toward’s they though hopefully the exit. Thraim noticed a pit trap on the way out. The door with a fear symbol on it was avoided, inside was an opulent room, that was immediately plundered. A secret door behind the closet reveal another room with another secret door. Sly was now wearing very expensive 1000 year old robes.

Eventually after a very trippy experience a room with gateways appeared. Cyric used his gem of seeing to help decipher the way out after the party stared into each of the gates. Only the gateway into a palace with lots of nubile women in it attracted a much longer stare. Eventually thanks to the guidance of Mask (give thanks here) and the nagging of Sly the keys were thrown into each of the gates destroying them. The room shook and sort of vanished as the members of DOOM found themselves at the entrance to the temple and the sound of thanks from the not so subtle arch mage thanked them for their efforts. Giggle giggle.

The very thought of walking back to Waterdeep caused Kerreth to teleport away with her new found powers. The rest trudged and traipsed back to Waterdeep to start to identify the magic items… Wow mission done, evil stopped or now just moved to city location…



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