The Thieves of Waterdeep

Dungeons Deep Sewers Creep Again

The Cursed Wand of Wonder Again?

Continuing past the larder DOOM discovered a room with a body under a cloth. Kerreth, Thraim & Cyric immediately hid in various places in the room. Reginald turned invisible and as always, Sly waited by the door. This figure sat up (an ugly female human) and threw her cheap whiskey at Sir Lanceabit, staining his chaotic armour with the perfume of the bottle. The female then made the fatal mistake of reaching for her two handed sword. Sir Lanceabit chopped into action and began to slash effectively at the figure. Meanwhile Cyric noticed a figure lurking in the next room, he crept in to investigate sneakily. Thraim, Kerreth and Sly didn’t move from their positions. As Sir Lanceabit proved his single fighter abilities, by continuing to chop this two handed wielding fighter into small pieces (77 HP damage in three rounds), Reginald had moved silently and invisibly behind the thief in the room next door to backstab as Cyric proved his acrobatic best by avoiding any injuries by tumbling at the front. One single stab by Reginald was all that took the thief to give up and surrender. Reginald applied his sparkling eyes at the thief to reveal their true purpose was to re arm the traps. From the corpse next door, the two handed sword was taken as a trophy. Kerreth after a careful wink from Thraim showed Sly the corridor outside in case she missed anything. Thraim the evil malignant bully boy closed behind the now surrendered thief and stole his life force leaving a desiccated husk. The thief’s treasure was revealed, several potions and a minor thieves puzzle box. Reginald the unwise began to dissect the boxes secrets with some success at the start until he released a fireball at the party who were supervising too closely. Bang, boom, and Boof. Flames leap throughout the room and down the corridors. Fortunately, everyone was expecting it and managed to save to avoid any embarrassment.

Clothes slightly smoking DOOM left the room to go down the corridor and stop at a stone door to the revealed menagerie. Much arguing ensued resulting in Thraim kicking down this magically locked door, with the greatest of ease. The stone door splintered to reveal a large circular room with 4 other doors and a central pyramid. Cyric floated up to the ceiling to hide floating in the rafters. The other members of the DOOM strolled over to stand on the pyramid as Kerreth began to pull the levers to see what might happen. The pyramid began to clank and groan, the flat roof lowering to a 30’ pit, as a door released a monster in the circular room above the pit. Cyric went deathly still and didn’t disturb anyone in the rafters. A Manticore stared over the pit at the DOOM, it’s tail swishing back and forth. Sly mage most surprising pointed his fingers at the beast and transformed it into a worm immediately, a silent gasp escaped it’s now worm face and it melted into the now permanent new shape. Golf clapping from DOOM as they expected a complete failure from the spell. Thraim had begun to climb up the walls and hadn’t noticed a thing. Sir Lanceabit had put on his magical ring and the gnome had fired some illusionary bolts of nothing. Kerreth continued to crank the levers allowing the pit to transform into a pyramid again, causing the rest of DOOM to tumble out. Kerreth against best practice and advice continued to crank the levers to cause the pyramid to transform to a deeper pit and releasing some hideous flying heads as the other members of DOOM were investigating the Manticore lair entrance.

As the heads screamed across the room, Sly slew two with magic missiles. Reginald became a wraith form. Sir Lanceabit and Thraim were invisible. Cyric still hid floating on the ceiling high above. Kerreth played with levers in provocative and entirely inappropriate way. The two remaining flying heads attacked Reginald and Sly. Sly cut one with his smaller dagger and they were finished off by Sir Lanceabit hanging about close by. The worm was kicked into the deep pit by Reginald, but just bounced. Kerreth finally stopped playing with levers.

The two rooms were investigated. Revealing not much in the way of treasure. The final door was listened at by Reginald revealing a large growling. Thraim used his stone shape spell at the door to create a door viewing hole. Inside a very large Owl Bear was eating the remains of an Ogre. Reginald in a moment of clarity summoned 6 Giant Ants who began to attack and chomp on the Owl Bear. DOOM giggled as no risk was taken by them. However, Kerreth announced that she wanted to point the Wand of Wonder through the door hole. The everyone else in DOOM hid behind the now erect pyramid in anticipation of spectacular failure. They were not disappointed, as first a light show blinded both the Owl Bear and Ants who continued to battle, then with an inept display of revenge Kerreth diminished herself to the size of 4”. Everyone laughed!!!! The Ants completely ate the Owl Bear before being sent back to where they came from. No treasure was found in the Owl Bear lair.

The diminutive Kerreth was handled (fondled) by Cyric in an appropriate and evil way. Debate ensued as the day ended. Where next? Down the hole and into the demonic faced door at the bottom of the very deep pit..



Dungeons Deep Sewers Creep Again

Woops Cryic obviously snuck in an opened that lovely flask of dragons piss we found…

Dungeons Deep Sewers Creep Again

He was looking like Eddard for a bit. Stupid hat of disquise!

Dungeons Deep Sewers Creep Again

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