The Thieves of Waterdeep

Continuation of tomb robbing….

After the defeat of the not so evil but lovely looking foxy lady’s minions bursting through the door appear two almost long lost companions. Fast Eddard (unfortunately late) and Kerreth. After a quick “where the hell were they” the brave and inexcusable evil party decided to continue on and rob the remaining two towers of the Tomb complex.

Fortunately the next tower door was easily unlocked allowing the crafty crew the embarked on the much loved “rob the dead” game. Several pieces of jewellery were discovered careless left in the clutches of now broken dead fingers. Sarcophaguses were broken into. The clever and amazingly attractive gnome starred majestically into the eyes of Thraim to completely charm him and allow the “sharing” of a girdle (not braces) and allow for the easier access to some tricky sarcophaguses that wouldn’t open. After ransacking the tower the party exited out to start work on the remaining tower. The door was picked by the clever gnome, just to show that “he could do it too”.

A room with two sarcophaguses was discovered, the first one contained a corpse holding a nice little box trinket. The second one contained a Ghoul who jumped out and surprised Thriam. The first corpse was also playing possum and joined the fray. Everyone else thought this was as wonderful joke and entered into the spirit of “whack the corpse” game. Thraim due to natural immunities ignored the undead’s paralysing touch. One round later both Ghouls were dead and Thraim finally said “hey”. Unbeknownst the not so noble party in the room below 5 Ghouls heard the commotion and roused to attempt to surprise the party as the climbed down the stairs. Only one party member was surprised standing at the back looking smug and safe. Fast Eddard immediately pulled his hateful curse rapier and causally strolled to engage the Nearest Ghoul. Thraim became enlarged and also strode down into the frame. The Gnome appeared to have many versions of himself, but left something out of the tricky mirror image spell…

Eddard and Thraim dispatched the first two ghouls. Kerreth also in a mad display of elven dexterity rushed down the stairs to engage a ghoul. More Ghouls heard the noise from further downstairs and began rushing up. The brave and terribly good looking noble gnome stood steadfast at the top of the stairs swinging is broadsword back and forward. The ghoul in the stairway wasn’t fooled by the illusion and hit the gnome. Sly decided to rush into the room to have a slash with his undead slaying dagger grinning wickedly slashing it from behind as Kerreth swung from the front. Eddard and Thraim causally butchered two more ghouls. Cyric finally remembered what to do and blessed the party. The Ghouls in the stairway decided enough was enough hitting to paralyse the gnome as Thraim rushed over to help his stricken comrade. Cyric threw an explosive missile at the ghouls in the stairway, missing and throwing it into the room instead. Kerreth was the only party member no burnt by their “friend” as was busy looking for quick treasure.

Thraim risking life and limb picked his little friendly companion up and carried him to safety. The remaining three ghouls rushed at Cyric, Thraim and Eddard. Cyric and Eddard quickly defeated their opponents as the remaining ghoul was dispatched. A quick and fruitless search was made of the sarcophaguses before the party headed downstairs, laughing at sly whose wizarding robes had been burnt off leaving only his black dark suit on, by the magical fire trapped explosive oil. At the base of the tomb a secret entrance was discovered in the empty sarcophagus, with a rusty ladder leading down.

Below was a square room with seemingly no exits except for a large hand on the wall. This was quickly identified as containing a glyph. Sly grinned and announced that he mage of little repute had learnt a spell to remove this glyph. The noble gnome thought that this was unfair as he couldn’t do anything. Sly erased the mark allowing the party to enter via the not to secret door. A square room with a statute to Bane and two doors exiting out of it greeting them. The party proceeded thanks to the precise decision making of Kerreth to the door to the right, leading to a sleeping chamber with four bunks, containing two sleeping figures. For some reason the sleeping figures didn’t have their throats cut as is common practice, rather were woken with an attempted charm by the blinking gnome and silly Cyric. The now identified clerics commanded the two companions to surrender and surprisingly the both did. Thraim taking note of the power of such spells walked in a punched the unarmoured figure in the kidneys, knocking him unconscious. Next round the remaining cleric attempted to run, being slashed in the back by Kerreth as he attempted to run past, only to be chased down an kidney punched by Thraim into unconsciousness as well. The two unconscious clerics we picked up by Thraim, tied up and taken upstairs to the Ghoul chambers to be charmed by the gnome.

They answered all the questions asked of them, revealing a temple to Bane, with 10 clerics and 20 fighters. The charmed cleric drew a helpful map of the area so his friend the mighty charming gnome could see where he lived. A discussion is being held as what to do with them…



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