The Thieves of Waterdeep

Bane and the Potato

After the conculsion of the bar-room fiasco…. something had to be done about the beholder (code name Potato) interferring with DOOM… After much debate, well as much as DOOM does, it was desided to use the cult of Bane (from Plots within Plots) to test The Potato Gang.

Two pronged approach, Thraim, Sly and Reginald would lead the Bane worshippers through the hidden base and let them loose on The Potato Gang. While Sir Lanceabit, Kerreth and Cyric would ambush and kill all cult members at the entance. Basically it was see who is stronger and kill off the survivors. Well that was the plan at any rate, two birds no effort.

Thraim started things off after casting Undectable Lie set up a meeting with the Patriarch Ferqual of Bane who strangely could not detect that Thraim was lying his evil little heart out. After a suitable re-numeration was established (1400gp now and 3600gp after) a timeframe was sugested (the next night, so the Bane worshippers could arm up).

Thraim led the Banites (with an invisible Sly and Reginald in tow) to the base and then showing good faith through the myraid of traps to the entrance of The Potato Gang….

Unbeknownst to the Banites the small party left at the entranced had been ambushed by Sir Lanceabit, Kerreth and Cyric. Cyric unhooded his Gem of Continual Darkness plunging the Banites into darkness (cancelling the Continual Light they had operating), Kerreth backstabbed from the left flank and Sir Lanceabit the right. While Sir Lanceabit took his sweet time killing almost everyone, Kerreth killed one Banite, took some damage from the other and Cyric fluffed around doing shit and all until Sir Lanceabit got there. Once all the Banite tail end charlie’s were removed the evil three also followed the path to The Potato Gang.

Meanwhile back with Thraim, Sly and Reginald the Banites had been unleashed on the “old man” door guard. Thraim threw two Knives killing one banites and hitting the old man, stangely it just bounced off. This is where the plan fell over…. the Banites attacked, did nothing then the majority fled on mass after the old man released a fear spell. These terrified Banites passed by Sir Lanceabit and Kerreth. Cyric, who had earlier cast Protection from Fire, on the other hand followed them into a fire trapped room and siezed the opportunity to set off the fire trap killing all Banites off… sorry about that. Sir Lanceabit and Kerreth arrived at the battle with the remaining Banites doing nothing. After a quick party conference it was decided to test the combatants with lightning. Kerreth cast a 10’ wide Lightning Bolt, Reginald cast an illusionary Lightning Bolt and Sly cast a Polymonth Other at the “old man”. The Lightning Bolt’s hit most of the combatants twice, killing off the remaining Banites but did nothing to the “old man”, Sly’s Polymonth Other did nothing to the “old man” either as some type of magic resistance fizzled the spell before it struck…… Oh well time to do what DOOM does best.

Flip like a pancake…. DOOM burst in just in time exclaiming “we got here just in time” making up some lies about here to save the Potato Gang. At this point Cyric arrived smoking a little and used his Gem of Seeing on the “old man” but revealed nothing (this may need to be checked as this device did detect the deamons in A Slight Breeze of Swords (Part Two))…. starngely the “old man” asked about Eddard, at this point some interesting connection were made….IT IS A DEAMON! And on hind sight Kerreth attacking with the Montoyer blade would have been really interesting.

Doom licked their wounds and decided that it was easier loot the Banites and their lair. Some magic items were recovered, and a little gold. Now DOOM has aquired a base under the city, much better than the hovel we started in. We also know more than we did about The Potato Gang and the gittish Banites have been removed. Also Sir Lanceabit now knows what pain feels like as he took 6 points of damage for the first time, EVER!



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