The Thieves of Waterdeep


The Death of the Friends of Fireshare

Upon hearing the evil plans from the Friends of Fireshare, the Noble Gnome and Kiddie Knocker began devising an encounter ambush to remove the Friends permanently from Waterdeep.

A exchange was set up for the stolen magical tome for 5000 GP via an well written note by Sly mage most puny. The Friends immediately attempted to breach this arrangement by sending their Assassin (Bard if truth be told) and Thug Enforcer (Ranger) to attempt to spy and gather illegal and unfair information about the swap meet. It became immediately clear to the honest Dwarf overhearing their conversation that they were indeed evil and needed to receive their comeuppance. Kerreth flashed and puffed up her chest telling Sly that they were evil and were going to betray and attack us. Sly the young man that he was saw the hint of nipple through Kerreth’s shear top and started nodding his head in agreement. Everyone else readily agreed for an advanced punitive action approach.

Planning occurred: Thraim trailed their two investigators. Cyric complained that he wouldn’t use his own undead monkey butlers went with Kerreth to find some corpses from the previously robbed tomb. 9 zombies were created and ushered through the sewers to the lair. Others learnt more appropriate boom spells.

The plan was cunning, execution was almost perfect. Sly and Gnome hidden behind an illusionary wall with the zombies waited at the side of the entrance. Kerreth and Cyric climbed up onto the top of nearby 3 story buildings to have a good view. Fast was turned invisible and told to wait until needed. Thraim turned invisible and waited at a side alley.

The Friends approached attempting to be sneaky to into the back sections of the property behind the meeting point. The Ambush was set. Upon reaching the kill zone, Kerreth peered over the top of the roof and let loose a fireball from her wand. The resulting devastation surprised almost everyone. 17 points of Damage! Two of the Friends of Fireshare failed their saves and unfortunately lost almost all of their equipment immediately. The cleric lost his armour, hammer and shield and the bard was left almost naked. Next round the Friends identified that Kerreth was a mage on a roof and attempted to Fire arrows at her. Their cleric healed their mage and the Bard ran off naked as the day he was born. A firewall was erected behind the friends to prevent further escape by Kerreth. Fast Eddard creeped round behind the mage backstabbing for 39 points of damage with the cursed rapier. Their mage died almost instantly, gurgling. Cyric and Thriam launched a series of Hold persons, freezing two more members of the “Friends”. Their Ranger and Cleric frozen with unholy might. Sly commanded the zombies to attack who entered the fray, clawing and biting the Friends. Their fighter parried the first round of attacks with his shield.

Sly attempted to blast the remaining fighter with a colour spray only managing to hit the zombies who ignored him completely. Fast Eddard chivalrously stabbed the fighter in the back as he was distracted by the zombies. More hold persons were cast by Cyric and Thraim freezing the last fighter. The zombies started to eat the “Friends”, killing the held cleric and fighter. Sly looked vaguely sickened by the sight of so much carnage. Kerreth cancelled the firewall and climbed down the roof where she was hiding. Moved over to the remained held Ranger and cut his throat with a coupe des gras. Cyric animated the “Friends” corpses and marched the evidence and carried treasure away to MOMAOAD’s lair and a very guilty looking Sly.

The noble Gnome turned himself and Fast Eddard invisible and joined the running race with Thraim and Kerreth to the Cliffwatch Inn to attempt to beat the running bard home. Kerreth and Thraim arrived first and climbed the outside of the building and entered through the bard’s bedroom window. Both stationed themselves inside the room and prepared to wait it out. Unfortunately, Kerreth was obviously being watched by unknown powerful mage who teleported/dimension doored next to Kerreth demanding the spell book. Kerreth refused. The Mage summoned some giant toads, Kerreth missed with her swords. Next round the Toads attacked, the mage dimensioned doored away, while Thraim slowly cast silence on himself. Kerreth faught bravely with her two swords hacking left and right receiving minor wounds in turn, Thraim opened to door to see what was happening & finally joined the fight. Amazing Kerreth and Thraim completely failed to ever win initiative and flailed particularly pathetically at the Toads. Unbeknowst to them the mage had dimention doored outside the appartment, cast Iron skin on himself and cast knock on the door of the appartment allowing him a clean view of the pathetic fight.

Fast Eddard, the very unfit finally arrived, seeing the mage casting a spell at his friends immediately moved to backstab unaware that it wouldn’t work on the mage. The mage cast some kind of uber confusion spell on Kerreth and Thraim, no save and automatically affected. Kerreth and Thraim continued to fight the giant toads. The mage then turned and froze Eddard with a hold person spell, while the fight confusingly continued in the other room.

Surprisingly another robed mage appreared in the middle of the room, turned his attention to the evil mage grabed him with a purple, three-fingered hand and teleported-vanished away. The confused fight continued with Kerreth falling unconscious, Thraim wanded away blinking sillily. The remaining toad failed to bite him. The evil mage with the non human scaled purple three fingered hand reappeared. A dispell magic was cast by it removing the effects of the confusion allowing Thraim to heal the dying Kerreth. The mysterious benefactor vanished again. The Toad was dispatched. The little noble gnome finally ran up the steps to the Inn and a period of opening chests and looting occurred. 5 chests were picked and opened, the firetrap was avoided by Kerreth who knew of such things. Gems, jewerly and magic items were found.


MOMAOAD Minions of Mask and other assorted Deities.


I think you should go for: Minions of Mask and Lots of assorted Deities (MOMALOAD)


We shall be the Knight Foundation. And Eddard shall ride a Black talking horse, that has turbo boost.


MOMALOAD or MOMAOAD or whatever Variation you like are all awful beyound belief. Hence forth we shall be the “Foundation for Goodly Works” The secret face of our organisation is secret and so therefore does not need a name. If it comes to be whispered in the streets in the alleys and dark places let them call us “The Organisation”


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