The Thieves of Waterdeep

A Slight Breeze of Swords (Part Two)

To sword or Not

After much forethought and cleaver posturing it was decided that DOOM would wait to see the arrival of the Cormyr noble group. The members of MOMOAD decided to attend counselling sessions to recover from belonging to group with such a catastropically bad name.

An investigation of the mansion before the Cormyrians arrived revealed a locked strong room, specifically protected against altering the walls or floors. The door was only mundanely locked allowing easy access for Kerreth and Thraim. No exciting traps were found, unfortunately, no treasure was locked inside.

Sly waited outside, being invisible. Reginald and Cyric joined the servants. While Kerreth and Thraim being invisible waited in the lounge. The large party arrived as predicted by the scrying of Cyric. Except that the lord of Montoyeur and his two retainers were also in the midst who were undetectable from scrying. One of the retainers spotted Sly, Thraim and Kerreth being invisible but did nothing about it. The DOOM alarm bells began to WAIL. The MOMOAD alarm started dinging like a bell on a kittens Collar.

The sword box was placed inside the locked saferoom with two guards placed outside.

Eddard arrived in his bard persona and performed songs for the ages. Songs to make the gods themselves go “hmmm thats good” His noble audience were bought to tears by his eloquence and spendid tights, However suspiciously some audience members were suspiciously untouched by this display of unworldly brilliance. During his virtuoso performance Eddard managed a close look at the foul pretender to the Montoyeur name. It proved to be nobody that he recognised,although there was a vague family resemblance. Probably some form of Hellish pact is involved. The Montoyeurs love a good hellish pact.

In the the dead of night Thraim (the only one who could see the other party members) brought everyone together to hatch their cleaver plans.

3 plans were hatched.

  1. Use an phantasmal force spell on the door, to appear to be closed, creep in a replace the sword. (Brilliant by Thraim, with much admiring by the rest of the party who didn’t think of it)
  2. Invisibly Wraithform in, unlock the box, swap the swords and wraithform out.
  3. Didn’t actually have one
  4. Burn it all down and in the confusion swap the swords (Eddard’s backup backup plan)

Plan no. 2 was chosen with Reginald and Sly, both being invisible slipping under the door, and rematerializing in the room, to have to use a knock spell on the sword case, swap the swords, after a roll off to see who would touch the sword. Sly jumped into the portable hole (as he ran out of wraithforms) and Reginald turned again used wraithform to slip out.

Meanwhile outside the support crew waited. Thraim and Kerreth both though they were hidden invisibly when a Montoyeur henchman came down the staircase to demand what Thraim was doing there. (Kerreth remained hidden and holding her breath so no to be noticed) Thraim most eloquently declared that “The boss told me to wait here”. Somehow the non lie stuck. The guard demanded “who” followed by Thraim replying that it was “Lord Rowanmantle”. The guard nodded and just moved out. Thraim and Kerreth decided that being almost seen was enough and slipped out a window. It has to be noted that Thraim was planning to defenestrate himself if he was rozzered.

Reginald and Sly slipped away. Cyric & Eddard stayed in their disquise. Reginald slipped back as not to cast suspicion. During the morning Cyric used his eyes of seeing to notice that Lord Montonyeur and his henchmen were demons. MOMOAD had no idea what kind and didn’t want to pay for that knowledge. DOOM did not care what kind they were, just the knowledge that they were was enough to set the Alarms of Doom Wailing. Both DOOM and MOMOAD then decided to tool themselves up for the sword swapping ceremony. DOOM members readied weapons,spells and armour in a style reminisent of an action movie montage. MOMOAD members prepared by nervously drinking tea from China cups that rattled as they shook in fear.

Unfortunately, nothing happened as Reginald cast an illusion on the Gilthanki sword to appear as the other two handed sword. Boo’s were heard from the audience as no demon attack was made with the public.

MOMOAD left for home, wondering what just happened? But quietly content that they would be able to darn their socks and have a nice cup of tea in peace.
DOOM hit the bars, many drinks were quaffed and maidens left dishevelled, deeds done that night would become legend amongst those who witnessed them.



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