The Thieves of Waterdeep

The Next Generation

A Party of Gangers with their leader were invited to a pow wow at the city of the dead. The Gang leader was ambushed, and the gang blamed on their death.

The Gang fled. The gang bashed up the Tuskers Gang (6 Gang members) and then ran away from others.

Two gang members using disguise self played the role of Merchant and Whore, while the “honest” rogues just ran, then hid, climbed, hid again and then stabbed a rival gang leader to death.

The Leather street gang headquarters had been raided and everyone murdered.

What to do?

Time of Troubles in Waterdeep

Following the success of assisting Shar, DOOM decided on a quieter approach. An agreement to continue to search for the parts of the Rod was made and an expedition was prepared for searching for the next pieces of the Rod of far to many parts.

Kerreth continued to investigate how to combine the rod pieces with a glyph and silly brush. In the end she managed to combine the three pieces she had. Basking in her new powers she found that she could now fly at will, and her magical resistance has now increased to incredible margins. However, as a slight hindrance she can no longer lie or even consider breaking a law (anywhere). This might hinder the general aspect of money making of DOOM but “meh” said most of DOOM.

The Rod pointed to the north as DOOM began to prepare for their expedition, a horse, cart, stable boy and two guards were organized by Mister Thraim of Mistmoor manner. As Kerreth, Sly and Thraim rode in the wagon, Cyric had employed his hunter fellow (with pointy ears) and Cicero also rode along side. However, as they left only twenty minutes later Kerreth realized that the Rod was in fact still in Waterdeep and they had just spent half a day packing for a non existent holiday. Laughter at DOOM’s own stupidity left the lips as they had stopped at Ali Akbar’s warehouse. Inside after discovering what sort of place the ROD could be found was Ali himself. Kerreth, not wanting break any laws began negotiating for the purchase of the statue that holding the rod piece. The statue oddity looked more like a victim turned to stone that a classic statute. Using her not inconsiderable charms, she quickly purchased said statue for a paltry sum and it was eventually loaded into the wagon for transport back to a lair where the ceiling was low. Thraim was engaged with a series of ropes and tackle to ensure that the statute was to be not to be damaged by reverse gravity or pits. However, before that Kerreth was required to purchase a scroll from the Magisters protectors guild.

Attempting the spell caused nothing to happen in the time of troubles and a decision was made to attempt to wait out the troubles as magic only had a 8 percent chance of now working. Many secret plans were hatched or created by DOOM as they nervously waited. Kerreth continued to lurk in the underground lair and completely missed everything.

Short story was that Myrkul caused the undead to bubble out of the street in the dock ward and decend on blackstaff’s tower. The citizens of waterdeep were forced to defend their homes from this undead skurge as the God’s battled above the tower. Myrkul was disintegrated and simultaneously dimension doored through to the Waterdeep marked by Midnight. Of course he exploded there causing a dead zone where buildings crumbled and nothing grows. Following that Lord Ao appeared and elevated Cyric (not our “friendly” one) and Midnight to God status. Everything returned to normal in waterdeep.

During the strife, Cicero, Sly and Cyric tooled up and began looting and following the general policy of get what you can. Thraim had rallied to the citizens assistance and had joined in the fray as general splatter of undead and one of the few cleric who had the power to turn during the undead rampage. A heroic citizen indeed! A personal account may even be reported in the waterdeep weekly.

After it all settled down, the attempt to Stone to Flesh the poor individual who carried the Rod. It all worked out brilliantly as he completely failed his system shock and died, allowing DOOM not to discover just one Rod part, but Two. These were combined by Kerreth who now is in possession of a +3 staff on top of being able to shapechange, control the weather, charm creatures from the plane of air and be protected from them. Truely might indeed. Plans are afoot before the next expedition for the remaining rod pieces can be found.

God Killing
Ibrandul no more

DOOM returned to the surface via the port key to the The Old Xoblob Shop, in the dock ward of Waterdeep. As they reappeared a voice from downstairs announced “Welcome adventures, please come down without weapons drawn”. DOOM descended down the stairs only to be met by the shop owner. Nothing was brought as DOOM struggled to understand which way to go to get back the the Sated Spectre, with their mental capacities reduced.

Shar being beautiful noticed how shadowy and thin DOOM looked, recommended rest before they carried on. A tenday rest was proscribed. During this time out of the hat of silliness on Sly’s head came some hairs of a lawful good being. Investigation began on the Rod of many parts study on how to combine it. Eventually, a mental summons from Shar came demanding that DOOM reassemble at the Sprectre. DOOM with heads down in worry left with Shar to the underdark to get involved with a God battle. The portal to the underdark sanctuary was used paying the required 10gp price, all agreed that Reginald should pay. DOOM trodded with heavy hearts of worry towards the now waiting place of Ibrandul on the bridge over the pit.

As they approached, Shar demanded that they distract Ibrandul. DOOM decided on the comedy approach with a song and dance number from Cicero, Kerreth and acting from Cyric. Thraim just stood round in stunned amazement. Ibrandul also was surprised by the song and dance act. However, Shar being the evil goddess that she was needed to monologue, completely defeating DOOM’s attempt to distract Ibrandul. She uttered something about him taking her followers, blah blah blah. Ibrandul began to transform into a dragon beast, as two Ibrandlin emerged from the pit. One attacked Shar the other breathed fire onto Kerreth and Cicero. Cyric began to twirl his flail very fast as Kerreth and Sly retreated from the beast up the corridor. Thraim and Cicero began to bash the closest beast. As Shar kept saying to get this other Ibrandlin beast off her. surprisingly as Ibrandul’s beast stood on the bridge Cyric suddenly began to attack the God, slightly hitting it. Cicero retreated to have a fly spell cast on him by Sly who had abandoned his spell casting due to the danger. Kerreth steadfastly blasted bolt after magic missile bolt into Ibrandul with no effect. Thraim jumped Ibrandul to help Shar and was promptly breathed on with fire breath from Ibrandul.

Unfortunately it all went wrong from the Spell casting trio down the corridor as Kerreth’s spell misfired and caused a large 50’ pit to open below them dumping them downwards, disrupting Sly’s first attempt at a Fly spell. Thraim used his horror wither spell to cause one of the Ibrandlin limbs attacking Shar to wither away. Ibrandul bashed Cyric with his tail. Down the pit the injured Sly attempted to cast another simple Fly spell on Cicero only to have the gravity reverse causing all three in the pit and Cyric to tumble to the ceiling, some 60’ foot or 70’ above their heads. Thraim continued to bash the Ibrandlin, while being bitten by Ibrandul himself. All three down the pit managed to tumble from the roof space onto only a 10’ fall saving themselves. Cyric managed to grab hold on the wall as gravity righted itself saving him certain death from his fall. Shar kept stating that she wanted the beast off her. Cicero and Kerreth headless of any God like ability began to hack and poke at the rear end of Ibrandul only receiving a tail bash in return, neither fell into the 100’ foot pit below. They stayed to bash as Thraim was again wounded by Ibrandul’s bite and claw while managing to slay the Ibrandlin ontop of Shar. He then attempted to lift the beast off of the trapped and whining Shar. Ibrandul continued to tail, claw and bite all around him. Cyric began to carefully climb down the wall, as the heavily wounded Sly waited in the corridor hoping for the best, trying not to think about casting any spells. Kerreth, Thraim and Cicero smote with heavenly forth wounding the mighty Ibrandul many times before Shar chest heaving pointed her finger at Ibrandul and muttered some syllables. Ibrandul began to turn to stone. As the process was complete, Thraim with the help of the unbreakable crow bars levered the statute off the bridge to calculate the fall as Ibrandul smashed into many pieces.

DOOM headed back to the Sated Spectre for a well earned drink with the invite from Shar. Everyone was very careful not to demand payment from Shar herself.

Where to from here??? DOOM members began to continue to do some research while not adventuring during the time of troubles as magic and DOOM’s whole ability was severely compromised.

Dungeon of Death Finish
Desperation works!

As the smoking corpses of Dretch and Manes were searched nothing else was discovered in the forge. DOOM carried down the corridor looking for the big bad. A vast chamber full of junk supported by pillars was discovered. DOOM could hear the sounds of crashing and frustration in a demonic language. DOOM began to investigate. The discovered 6 Dretch staring at the side wall of the junk pile in the middle of the vast chamber. Cicero the fast and furious immediately began to poke at two not quite killing any as Reginald, Cyric and Thraim strode forth to kill only one between them. Things looked dire as Sly’s spell again had no affect and nothing happened. Suddenly from the rubble burst two Demon Dog like things.

The arrival of the Demonic dog things on the flank attacking Cyric caused a dramatic change in direction with Cicero immediately slaying two Dretch and Reginald and Cyric slaying their two. Thraim nobly held off his two for dramatic affect by missing. Cicero moved to the flank of the dog thing and slew it with heavy poking. Reginald and Cyric hacked at the other one. A Dretch splatted under the mace of Thraim. Cicero, Reginald slew the final hound in a fit of semi evil glee as Cyric rushed to help his friend Thraim who still hadn’t slain the last Dretch. It was put down in short fashion. Only junk was found in the room.

More hurried corridors were searched and doors kick open. A cold store room discovered 4 flying demonic imp things that attacked with a dragon breath attack slightly injuring Cicero and Thraim. These were immediately put down and splattered. Only human and dwarf corpses were found in the cold store. Only the stairs remained now leading down into the darkness.

As they descended down into the dwarven mines many mine shafts were discovered as DOOM’s life force began to be drained causing DOOM to run. 10 Dretch were discovered down a corridor but dispatched with ease, by Cicero, Thraim and Cyric. Sly continued to puke at the back of the party looking miserable with his non mighty magical protections from poison.

4 shadows emerged out of the darkness down another corridor only to immediately dissipate permanently at the sight of Typus and the gods of Chaos. DOOM now ran on.

Soon the tunnels led down to the darkness where a vast lava hole was discovered where many tunnels converged. As DOOM began to investigate a horde of Manes and Dretched suddenly appeared down the tunnel whence DOOM came and began to attempt to force DOOM over into the vast chamber. Cicero immediately moved to stop the first few in their tracks skewering two. Reginald in an amazing turn of evens released a fireball down the corridor confusing all the manes and most of the Dretch to death. Party members of DOOM knew it just wasn’t possible to do that so disproved the illusion. While they waited a real fireball exploded next to Sly, Reginald, Cyric and Thraim who had simply said hey as Cicero had moved too fast.

Much injuring occurred with the slow few changing their actions to see what had happened and who released the real fireball. A flying beast could be seen flying in the vast lava chamber.

Thraim immediately drank his potion of Flying that worked, as Sly cast a Fly spell that also worked normally. Cyric began to leviate to spred out as much as possible. Another smaller fireball fell in the midst of everyone. Thraim flew at the beast smashing it mightily, but unfortunately healed himself and it with a magic misfire effect. Reginald cast his powerful polymorph other spell but was defeated by it’s magical resistance. Sly attempted to cast a magic missile but the spell failed, he chose to fly at it with his magical stick. Cyric stood on empty air and said “hey can anyone give me a tow”. Cicero dispatched the three remaining dretches professionally. Sly gave up being useless and flew towards Cyric and began to tow him towards the Nabassu demon. Cicero cast his Melf’s minute meteors spell, only to hit Thraim more than the demon. Thraim and the Nabassu demon traded blows. Cyric being towed had cast his most powerful and surprising effect Dispel Evil. As he arrived into combat Cyric even hit (on a natural 20), the creature not only failed it’s magic resistance, but also it’s saving throw and was immediately banished back to it’s natural plane. Everyone hovered in stunned silence as Cyrics spell had actually worked as intended. An investigation of the chamber discovered a cursed (now shattered gem thanks to the pick of piecing), crystal ball and empty iron flask. DOOM still felt their souls being drained and began to flee the dungeon at high speed, thanks to the navigation abilities of Thraim.

Meeting Ibrundul at the bridge above the pit outside the dungeon in the underdark, DOOM said they cleared the dungeon, but still looked more stupid (Kerreth, Sly and Reginald), Clumsy (Cicero, Reginald, Sly and Kerreth), Ugly (Cicero) and Unwise (Thraim and Cyric). DOOM fled towards the Port key they found in the cloakers room inside the underdark to attempt to flee the underdark and return to Waterdeep. Rest is now needed or a total party kill as no spells can be cast thanks to the Time of troubles, or unwise or even remembered thanks to low intelligence, while any thieving abilities are extremely hampered by very low dexterity

Fireballs of the Day
A mixed day

As DOOM looked at the corpses of the Bar-Lgura and the heavy bruises from falling they began to search for secret doors, using the wand to discover a code mountain gem code secret compartment. After failing to use a simple 1 – 0 code at the rate of 2 – 2 Sly the wise and powerful used his knock spell to unlock the secret compartment in the pillar and revealing a dwarven picture of the god. His Pick was turned opening a secret door. Inside was a staircase where the paranoid Kerreth began to search for traps. After being briefly slowed by something down the stairs a chamber with statute was discovered. Thraim identified it as a start of a dwarven burial chamber with lots of traps. Reginald was still complaining about his injuries so attempts were made by Thraim and Cyric to heal him. Unfortunately, Thraim miscast his 1st level cure light wounds spell and successfully healed the entire party with a heal spell (except for Kerreth as her magic resistance stopped it).

A side secret door was discovered and a non trapped corridor was discovered. At the end a secret door was discovered, but wisely the party found a death trap on the door, causing the ceiling to collapse if the door was opened. DOOM were at a loss. In the meantime retiring back to the statue chamber giving Kerreth time to successfully dodge the magical trap and steal the platinum eyes. Eventually after much postulating Reginald the only spell caster who could reliably cast a spell used wraithform to slip under the gap in the secret door and investigate the chamber beyond. Some dwarven burial chamber was found with many dead skeletons. Reginald even used his wraith like form to slip into the sarcophagus and see what had treasure. After much nagging Cyric somehow used a successful stoneshape spell that he held in reserve to bypass the trapped secret door. The burial pit was climbed into by Kerreth and Cicero, as Thraim the ever nimble simply tumbled in. The chamber was investigated by the careful Kerreth as she discovered 2 traps on the sarcophagus on either side of the central one, and 10 on each of the gems on the central sarcophagus. Kerreth failed to spot the large rune in the middle of the sarcophagus causing gravity to reverse again. Cicero, Kerreth and Thraim were wounded falling to the ceiling. Thraim again was forced to spider climb down from the ceiling as Cicero and Kerreth fell. The sarcophagus lid was ripped off by Thraim breaking it’s wizard locked component. Inside a rotted dwarf corpse holding a Pickaxe of Piercing (Cicero had heard rumours of such mighty weapons) and a suit of dwarven sized mithril chain mail armour. Leaving the central burial pit Cyric discovered two glowing stones that Cicero with his vast knowledge new as glowstones and described their myriad of uses amazing all the mages and Cyric who immediately without consultation attached one to his Rod of Flailing. DOOM exited out of the chamber feeling much better about it.


DOOM left to go back towards the Tanar’ri infested corridors to find and stop the big bad that was draining their stats. Following the sound of hammering they discovered a huge room filled with Dretches and Mane Tanar’ri busy digging. Kerreth using her wand threw a fireball. Everyone else geared up. The resulting explosion caused much injuring of the fiends in the middle. The fiends began to react using their patented sink bombs or rush to attack the party. Amazingly they bet the Web spell casing of Cicero, clawing him and interrupting his spell. Thraim had merely stood and waited stopping the fiends from attacking his friends were all casting a spell or using wands behind him. Kerreth let forth an amazingly powerful fireball completely incinerating many Dretches and Manes in the central chamber or side chambers. Surprisingly Cyric activated his rod of flailing and strode forth into the gap caused by Thraim splatting a Dretch. Sly failed to cast his spell but again healed everyone within 10 yards with a heal spell. All except Kerreth whose magic resistance again kicked off defeating the nice effect. Some goblins appeared in the middle of the room, only to be hit by another fireball from Kerreth’s wand injuring and killing more Dretches and Manes.. Cicero, Thraim and Cyric formed the front rank and began to hack, hit and splat all the Tanar’ri who piled up in front of them. A side effect of killing Mane Tanar’ri was discovered that they explode into poisonous gas, injuring Cicero and Kerreth (Thraim and Cyric were immune and unaffected). The mages all retreated behind the brave and surprisingly effective three. However, the continued stinking cloud spell attack from the Dretches caused all three mages to begin to cough, splutter and throw up. A side effect of the battle was that both Cicero and Thraim ended with more hit points than when they started. Huzzah!

End of the battle report revealed that Cyric had indeed powerful slaying 3 of the Tanar’ri, Thraim slew 5, and Cicreo poked 10 to death. Reginald tricked 3 to death. Kerreth had burnt to death only 55 Tanar’ri and the 7 summoned goblins from Reginald. The resulting impact was that those goblins who were cruelly summoned reappearing in their lair as burnt corpses causing a dramatic drop in goblin morale in the underdark, plus a quite rational hatred of mages.

Day ends with the mages having thrown up all their lunches, teas and dinners.

Big Evil Lair continued
Spells going bad

As DOOM continued down the corridor a range of dwarven doors leading to ancient dwarven abandoned apparements were discovered and begun to be systematically smashed down by the dwarven battering ram of Thraim. However, the commotion only alerted more of the Tanar’ri Dretches who ran down the corridor at Cicero and Sly who were currently guarding the rear. In short order, Cicero began to skewer any who came into his range as Kerreth’s flashing blades joined the fray. Sly retreated out of combat as Thraim strode in again only slaying one before all the remaining 7 were stabbed to death.

A room with a lit fire place was discovered and within a pile of sticks a magical wand was discovered. No one knew what the wand was, just that it was magical.

DOOM continued to investigate rooms, with a large amphitheatre being declared unsafe by the every vigilant Thraim. DOOM exited out of the Corridor only to be confronted by more Dretches this time controlled at the back by an Tanar’re Alu Fiend who commanded the Dretches to attack.


She attempted to throw something. Cicero without regard to safety immediately strode forward to skewer two before anyone else could react. Kerreth’s magic missile spell miscast an slammed into Sly. Luckily, Sly was protected by a Amulet of Absorption which protected him allowing him to cast a Ice Storm into the mix of Tanar’ri, and the super fast Cicero. Thraim strode down the corridor to bash another Dretch to death. At this stage the Alu-Fiend threw a bead of force imprisoning Thraim. Kerreth and Reginald rushed off to attack this Alu-Fiend from behind. Kerreth with her mighty speed easily rushed their in one round slaying the Fiend quickly in an over endowed chest off. Reginald arrived too late to help but notice the evil vixen like figure of Kerreth skewering the two remaining Dretches with her very magical short swords. A very magical scimitar was discovered, unused by the body of the Alu-Fiend.

Mysteriously, DOOM on mass began to feel that their very special natures were being eroded (prime attributes) and decided to take this out on the next room visited where the beast claimed that they were to go away. This again was revealed to be another Tanari’ri Alu-Fiend who was very quickly dispatched before Thraim or Cyric could even say “hey”. More treasure was discovered.

Getting more desperate to end their erosion of prime abilities DOOM quickly moved up the corridor only this time to discover a Tanar’ri Rutterkin defacing a piece of dwarven heritage. It was again quickly dispatched by Cicero with barely a whimper. The magical wand of secret door detection was used to discover a secret door, where Thraim using his mighty wisdom discerned how to open it, by following the dwarven story depicted on the wall. The secret door lead to a small chamber containing several valuable items, but no uber Tanari’ri causing troubles.


More rooms were investigated before a massive chamber was discovered housing two Bar-Lgura Tanari’ri’s who attacked and two Cambion’s who were spotted by Thraim. As the two Bar-Lgura’s attacked the spell casters of Reginald and Sly, Kerreth’s and Cyric’s spells misfired and nothing happened. Cicero began to poke one with his two pointy blades. Thraim engaged the now visible Cambion, unfortunately, blinding himself with bright colours. In quick time the Two Bar-Lgura’s were dispatched before Cicero joined Thraim and poked the last Cambion to death. Kerreth, Cyric, Reginald and Sly slew the remaining Bar-Lgura. As the injuries were mighty Cyric attempted to heal the party only for Gravity to reverse and everyone to fall up to the ceiling some 50’ above. Sly, Kerreth, Cicero and Thraim tumbled taking large damage as Reginald failed to become a bat and landed heavily. Stuck on the ceiling, Cyric and Reginald began to levitate, Thraim spider climbed, Sly failed to cast his spell. Gravity reversed itself again only for Cicero, Kerreth and Sly to tumble to the ground. DOOM was now mightily wounded and worried about cast even the most pitiful of magical spells.



Underground day ends.

The Big Evil Lair
Dwarven chaos realm?

DOOM quickly debated investigating the sarcophagus. with Thraim opening the lid to see a corpse inside. Unsurprisingly, it woke up and then fled from the unbelievable power of Typus the mace. Unluckily no treasure was found. DOOM wandered off towards the Lair of Evil that Ibrandul didn’t want to destroy personally.

The entrance had a warning about something to do with Dwarves engraved at the door mantle in Dwarven runes.

Being professional and experience a vast arrange of pit traps were quickly discovered in the first 30 × 30 square room. The entire rim of the room were covered in Pit traps that had been deactivated. Even the middle of the room was a large squish trap, with the floor raising up to the ceiling. Every set door as a pull trap. About this time paranoia kicked in and DOOM began to move very slowly and carefully with Kerreth and Thraim checking every foot hold through the first door. A trap portcullis was discovered with a sticky trap on it, to avoid it Thraim bent the bars rather than lift the gate. Behind the gate was another trap with a tilt and die into another chamber with another pit trap in it. It was disarmed and no secret doors were discovered.

This end chamber was abandoned in favour of the middle one, where more traps and trapped portcullis were discovered. The end of the chamber contained a secret wall for behind which two statutes of beautiful females came alive and attacked. These were systematically slain by the combined poking of Cicero and Kerreth. As these Stone Golem creatures attacked three minor demons appeared surprising Sly. Reginald acting quickly slowed them with a slow spell allowing Thraim and Cyric to move to battle the creatures. They all breathed some kind of attacks only slightly hurting the party or failing to poison. Kerreth and Cicero moved with lightning type reflexes to dispatch these before Thraim or Cyric said “hey” again. Sly just stood still in the middle and muttered “marvelous”. No treasure was again found as the statues had crumbled into dust upon their death.

The last trapped entrance way door was investigated and the trap bypassed with another trapped portcullis. This led to an elevator room and another 30×30 room where a secret staircase was found. DOOM realising that upstairs would probably just be traps carefully went down the stairs. Both Kerreth and Reginald crept down the stairs to investigate the chamber below. As the rest of DOOM traveled down the stairs the light source of the continual light revealed two demon type things with bells on who immediately went off clanging and banging acting as alarms.

Reginald with his amazing power cast Evard’s Black Tentacles down one corridor to block it as DOOM traveled down the different direction. Booted feet could be seen as 8 demon type things rushed down the corridor to attack. Thraim used his most powerful Cloud Kill spell to discover that these creatures were immune to poison. Happily they weren’t immune to pointy weapons as Cicero began to poke the first two to death. The demon things attempted to cast spells only resulting in more of them dying under the hateful rapier. Eventually all were slain in quick fashion with 7 of the 8 killed by Cicero and one by Thraim. Apparently, they were almost immune to every possible magical attack, just not weapons. DOOM were awaiting the arrival of more.

Kerreth still hadn’t returned from her high speed creeping.

Search for Ibrandul
Undermountain continues

As DOOM revisited their undermountain quest the returned to the Ibrandul sanctuary and using Kerreth’s impressive attributes found out where the head priest was and paid their 50gp each to be allowed to enter. The high priest with the irrelevant job title revealed that Ibrandul himself was having a wee outing in the underdark and was sitting on a bridge “thinking”. Instructions were simply go as far as you can north and then turn west. DOOM restocked on some more supplies and left.

Travelling past several inviting (but probably containing certain death) corridors DOOM traveled straight to the north, Encountering some light caterpillar attractions. These were suitable crushed as punishment for existing. DOOM moved on. Thraim ate some flavoured sandwiches. DOOM then encountered a room with many gently wafting waving curtains. Thraim investigated finding a lit semi hemisphere on the top of a pedestal. Kerreth, was summoned to investigate for traps and found none, unfortunately, she touched the semi-hemisphere and vanished. DOOM began to debate with no one wanting to touch the item to follow. A search of the room continued, in case a solution could be found. A hidden recess was found in the stonework, but also a Cloaker in disguise as a curtain. Bad news for it as it attacked and luckly attempted to eat Reginald, everyone else faster than it started to hit, poke and stab it. Thraim and Reginald continued to miss. As the beast then terrified by the instant attack then flopped to the floor and was quickly slain by the blurring swords of Cicero, Kerreth and even Sly’s blades. It was renamed a floor rug and was dead. The recess was investigated revealing a magic mouth muttering something about needing this. Inside was a scroll wrapped in a cloak. Cicero noticed that the cloak was a cloak of protection +1 and the scroll contained high level clerical spells. Cyric the greedy claimed everything. Kerreth ran into the room from behind saying that she had just found a way into waterdeep and re-entered the undermountain via the gate entrance from Sanctuary

The adventure continued to the north meeting two multiple hand blob monsters who were quickly dispatched with mighty thumping. Cicero and Kerreth suffered minor injuries as these creatures called Sharn were slain most quickly. Reginald sulked noticing that they were immune to illusions and had magic resistance and attacked by ethereal portals. However, they were quickly slain as had no immunity to pointy sharp or clubby weapons. Boo sucks no treasure was found.

More corridors were discovered including a teleporting room where the invisible Cyric was teleported somewhere else only to reappear a couple of rounds later saying something about a wrong turn. Two displacer like leopards attack in another room only to be quickly dispatched. Unfortunately, their skins were pierced by many pointy sharp weapons making their hides worthless.

Eventually due to the magnificent underground navigation abilities of Thraim the bridge where Ibrandul was sitting on was discovered. Reginald wet his little pants, while Thraim bowed low and humbly appeased the divinity’s avatar. Ibrandul asked if a “great evil” nearby could be sorted as it would prove a danger in the underdark. DOOM agreed to investigate or risk the wrath of an Avatar. As Thraim spider climbed down the roof of a sloppy tunnel to see if he could spot the “great evil”, Cyric the invisible greedy one spotted a sarcophagus. Debate occurred amongst the wise about opening the sarcophagus. Thraim being the only one able to turn undead was creeping the the roof of the corridor to attempt to stare into the room where the great evil resided. Cyric might well be an idiot!

Day / Night or just the continued dark ends

Creepy Chambers

As DOOM investigated a corridor and room after successfully fleeing 3 oozes, Thraim discovered a spear that came whistling out of a wall, injuring his left very slightly. A chest was spotted and Kerreth moved carefully to investigate, failing to spot the obvious fire trap and resulting explosion. Luckly Kerreth’s magic resistance kick in and she was undamaged. However, unbeknownst to the wise this had triggered 6 Dark Creepers to stalk along the wall to investigate the strange commotion.

Cyric the light carrying pop plant say them creeping and warned DOOM. The Dark Creeper particularly hated Cyrics continual light gem and failed to destroy it with some slightly cold magical attacks. Strangely DOOM attempted to negotiate, but the Creepers attacked only to be splattered into balls of light explosions. The two remaining ran away. Cyric had knocked his one out so DOOM attempted to communicated via the Tongues spell cast by Cicero. The creature refused to tell the way towards the surface, but unfortunately became no longer useful as Reginald the silent and deadly slew the creature with his two handed broadsword.

DOOM carried down the corridor to encounter more of these creatures who were very quickly dispatched into balls of flashing light. Some platinum pieces were found. DOOM carried on through only to encounter a much larger room and a 20+ of these creatures and a Dark Stalker. DOOM stayed still as Kerreth prepared to cast a fireball. Unluckily in the time of troubles the spell rebounded to land in the midst of the party for only the 4th time and explode injuring Sly severely. His clothes were burnt off for the second time. Everyone else suffered rudimentary damage. However, the entire lair of Dark Creepers was laid waste leaving exploding into balls of light. A single magical shortsword was found, with Cicero quickly saying that he heard about this one particular blade and said it was a short sword +4. Sly drank a healing potion and a healing spell cast by Thraim actually worked perfectly healing the semi naked waif like figure of Sly. Cicero and Kerreth swapped weapons with Cicero picking up the sort of curse sword widowmaker, Kerreth now has two magical short swords. The rest of the lair was investigated only finding more platimum pieces, and no food.

DOOM exited out of the lair, past the oozes who were still hiding in their hiding spot. A Door to a well chamber was investigate, but since it did contain the way out of the underdark, it was ignored.

Day or night or in fact who can tell ends…

Escape to Sanctuary

After the bodies hit the floor, Debate immediately raged about the resurrection of Reginald. Cyric the brave and kindly soul refused to attempt to read the scroll in his possession, saying that Thraim should attempt it. Luck and counter luck kicked off. Thraim attempted to drink a potion of Arcane Comprehension but found it was just lolly water. He then borrowed Sly’s Luck stone that managed to avert certain death at the hands of a backfire. Reginald was resurrected to immediate health.

A detect magic was cast to determine the number of items left from the dead were indeed magical. Cicero the knowledgeable Bard knew what a number of the items were and began to inform the party. Before any serious negotiation could occur a slight tremor could be felt in the palace structure warning them that it was about to collapse. Thraim picking up his two incapacitated colleagues (Sly and Kerreth) and ran following Cicero towards a secret passage where no one comes out from. A choice was made left or right, with Thraim trusting his luck and turning right (based on a random dice roll and annoying Kerreth who kept muttering about always turning left) and towards a chamber with a hole in the roof. Apparently, the left passage led towards another silly realm. Standing under the hole in the chamber’s roof Thraim and his two charges were sucked up and away. Everyone else followed.

They emerged to another realm via the obvious gate to a large Fire lizard wrapped round the pedestal where DOOM were standing. A priest of Ibrandul welcomed them into the sanctuary and it would only cost them 50gp a night. Everyone readily paid as they were beaten up. A room was given to them. As luck would have it as Kerreth attempted to dispel the blindness of Sly she inadvertently healed everyone in the room, causing Cyric to sulk saying that he couldn’t do that. After the healing and sight restoration, the items and treasure were identified and divided up. Strangely Thraim started voting for party members confusing the Law abiding Kerreth, who just doesn’t understand the chaotic nature of Thraim.

The part left the Ibrandul sanctuary talking past the guards and fire lizards and began to attempt to map their way out of the underdark. Unfortunately, 3 oozes attempted to drop on their heads, but missed allowing DOOM to carry on ignoring their slow movement. Sly’s skin was burned as an ooze burned him. Everyone else dodged the horrible acid attacks. Kerreth attempted to cast another spell only managing to cause darkness and silence to descend on the party. Kerreth needs to remember that back in the Realms, to resist the temptation to casting spells as it tends to lead to bad things.


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