+4 Rapier

weapon (melee)

Widowmaker is a +4 Rapier. Darkness surrounds it, Hatred and violence are always near when its blade is bared


WIDOWMAKER is large for a Rapier. With 46 inch length that tapers from a 4 inches wide at the hilt to a wickedly sharp point. The blade is as black as pitch with dark red runes etched in blood red down half its length. It has a simple elegant Silver wire hilt and where the blade meets the hilt is a Daemonic face that seems to be almost vomiting out the black blade.
Currently the Origins of this sword are lost in the mists of time. Certainly its design is not old enough to hint at ancient origins but then swords are often remade or reshaped. Along with its origins its true name has long been forgotten. The Montoyeur family have possesed it for close on 200 years and named the sword WIDOWMAKER. Certainly many Widows have been created by its cruel blade but also many of its weilders have left weeping widows as they too, succumb to the violence that surrounds the sword. For it is whispered that the sword corrupts and causes hatred and violence to constantly swirl around it like an evil mist. Indeed the Montoyeurs wealth and fame have come at a terrible cost. Gradualy its numbers declined as to many died violent deaths before having children. Finally Edwardo Montoyeur was killed in a battle with debt collectors leaving his only son Eddard to inherit WIDOWMAKER.
With Eddards fall the fell blade has come into the posession of a an Elven Spellfilcher called Kerreth.Recently a group of extra-planar beings have come looking for it, claiming it contains part of Myrkul, Lord of the Bones’ soul.
Deep in the Underdark a foul deal was concluded. Kerreth traded Widowmaker for a mundane shortsword +4 to the mysterious Jester Cicero


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