Sated Spectre Tavern

The Sated Spectre Tavern is situated on Leera's Alley (north side) in the Docks District


The Sated Spectre Tavern is a two story stone building (class C) which has recently undergone some renovation. The tavern provides simple meals and a variety of drinks. The Bar-Room has enough seating for 30 customers.

The upstairs now contains a lounge, two living quarters and a laboratory.


The Sated Spectre Tavern has been taken over by the PCs. The previous owner appears to have benn afflicted with a bad case of undeadness, having been turned (somehow) along with his family and dog into a Zombie. The PCs defeated the undead hordes, forged the ownership papers, refitted the Tavern and added a laboratory on the top level. The tavern is now open for business.



Sated Spectre Tavern

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