Retribution of Mask

Rod of Flailing +3 (15 charges)

weapon (melee)

Rod of Flailing:

This magical weapon radiates faintly of alteration magic when subjected to a detect magic spell. Upon the command of its possessor, the weapon activates, changing from a normal-seeming rod to a double-headed flail. In close quarters, or if the wielder is mounted, it is the small, horseman’s weapon (base damage 1d4+1, S-M/L); otherwise, it is a footman’s weapon (base damage 1d6+1/2d4, S-M/L).

In either form, the weapon has a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls. Each of the weapon’s two heads can be used to attack, so double hits can be scored, either on a single opponent or on two opponents who are man-sized or smaller and standing side by side.

If the holder of the rod expends one charge, he gains +4 bonuses on Armor Class and saving throws for one turn. The rod need not be in weapon-form for this protection benefit to be employed. Transforming it into a weapon (or back into a rod) does not expend any charges.


Retribution of Mask

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