Periapt of Proof Against Poison +2

Gem carried by Sly


The periapt of proof against poison is indistinguishable from other periapts. The character who has one of these magical gems is allowed a saving throw vs. poison that normally disallow any such opportunity. The Special Save column on the table below lists the saving throw for such poisons. The owner rolls against his normal score for poisons which are usually at a penalty, and gets a plus on all other poison saves.

+2 Periapt = special poison save of 17.

Other magical protections are added to this roll. Sly now has a special poison save of 15 against toxins that normally don’t grant a saving throw.

The Periapt negates any penalty of a particualarly strong toxin might impose. Note that the penalty is entirely negated, not merely subtracted from the periapts bonus.


Found in the Mistmoor mannor.

Sly won this in a party roll off. Greedly little begger!

Periapt of Proof Against Poison +2

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