Hat of Disguise

Hat of Disguise


This normal-appearing hat contains a powerful enchantment that allows its wearer to alter his appearance as follows:

  • Height: +/-25% of actual height
  • Weight: +/-50% of actual weight
  • Sex: Male or female
  • Hair: Any color
  • Eyes: Any color
  • Complexion: Any color
  • Facial features: Highly mutable

Thus, the wearer could appear as a comely woman, a half-orc, or possibly even a gnome. If the hat is removed, the disguise is instantly dispelled. The headgear can be used over and over. Note that the hat can be changed (as part of a disguise) to appear as a comb, ribbon, head band, fillet, cap, coif, hood, helmet, etc.


This hat is currently in the possesion of Cyric who won the role off with the other members of DOOM.

The only question on everyone’s lips are who will he look like next!

Hat of Disguise

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