Girdle of Stone Giant Strength

Girdle of Stone Giant Strength


Belt of Stone Giant Strength gives the user strength 20.

Hit Prob. +3 Dmg Adj. +8 Weight Allow. 535 Max Press. 700 Open Doors. 17(10) Bend Bars/Lift Gates. 60%.

Throw Rocks: Range 16 yards. Damage: d12+8


Found in the Treasure Vault of Kasil, inside a pedestal. Apparently an unlucky adventurer had discovered the entrance way inside, but then could not escape. The Party discovered a partially rotting body and rubbish inside. The body was still wearing the girdle when discovered.

Thraim won the Girdle by a party roll off, much to the dismay of Eddard who has been attempting to get sweet revenge ever since. Attempting to frame Thraim for any person knocked unconscious by Thraim.

Thraim has placed a curse on the belt.

Girdle of Stone Giant Strength

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