Sir Brutus Swordcleaver

A knight from Baldur's Gate and Tempus Worshipper


Race: Human. Height: 6’7" Weight: 234 lbs. Hair: Black with full beard . Eyes: Brown. Gender: Male. Age: 31

Class: Speciality Priest of Tempus, Dual Classed from a Fighter
Level: 8 / 7 HP: 75

STR: 18/69 INT: 13 WIS: 17 DEX: 16 CON: 15 CHR: 10


Sir Brutus was born in Baldur’s Gate, Third son of Grand Duke Elton, at a young age joined the Flaming Fist, under his father’s leadership. However, his constant infractions and frequent disregard for the law he spent many years in the ranks, never assuming leadership. After the second war with Amn, Sir Brutus was severely wounded and left for dead, his fellow officers were forced to use a regeneration spell by a high priest of Tempus, in exchange for Brutus being enrolled into the Church. Brutus was knighted and expelled from the Flaming Fist.

Brutus excelled within the church and with his martial background advanced in rank. Brutus took the name Swordcleaver to hid his heritage. Under the guidance of Tempus, Brutus’ found true faith as Tempus’ Soldier.

Sir Brutus Swordcleaver

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