Silence (DECEASED)

Henchman of Cyric (ex spy/assassin)


Class(es) Assassin (Thief)
Level: 6 (5th Level Fighter)
Age: 32 Gender: Male Height: 5’11" Weight: 186lb Race: Human


Silence grew up in a small town of Zenthil Keep, his parents were killed and he was sold into slavery to a blacksmith.Years of back breaking work made him strong.

Eventually the Master took him on the road seeing the world. One night they stopped near a strange convent, that night they were visited by the “Brotherhood” his master was killed and yet again he was taken as slave.

This time he was trained to infiltrate and kill for coin, to disobey is death. Presently is employed as the first spy of DOOM under the command of Sithus.

Silence (DECEASED)

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