Minimum is a mage who was found at the Rattlesnake Inn. He was trying to rob the prize money to pay back a moneylender


S: 11, D: 12, Con: 12, I: 16, W: 15, Cha: 17
3rd level Wizard. HP: 10, AC 10
Carries a Dagger and the Horn of Uncontrollable Striding and Springing (3 charges left)
1st: Change Self, Hold Portal, Light, Comprehend Languages
2nd: Misdirection
He can cast 4 1st level and 3 2nd level spells


Minimum (a nickname picked up at magic school) was trained at Kormars School of Magic. His parents were quite wealthy, but died of a plague back in his home town of Scornubel. He took his inheritance and moved to Waterdeep to become the “greatest wizard ever”. However, he is a bit lazy (hence his nickname) and spent most of his money on his training. He is now looking for easy money as he has racked up a bit of a debt with a moneylender. He currently boards at a rooming house in the Docks district, but will be keen to join the PCs as a henchman if they can help him with his debt.


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