Lord Lanceabit Jardeth (DECEASED )

If you steal his Brandy you will pay with your life (and more Brandy)


Lord Lanceabit Jardeth

Race- Human
Age 27
Height- 6’5
Weight -250 pnds
Alignment – Chaotic Neutral

Level 9 Fighter
HP 107 AC -6 (Plate-mail +4(AC-1) -3 Dex and -2 shield +1)

Str 18/95, Int 14, Wis 8, Dex 17, Con 18, Chr 8

Weapon Proficiencies
Blades Group, Specialised in 2 H Sword, Longsword, Bastard Sword
Prof Jousting Lance, Horseman’s Mace
Ambidextrous, Two Weapon style spec, Single Weapon & Shield style Spec, 2H Style Spec

Bastard Sword Thaco 6 Dam 1-8+10/1-12+10 (Attacks 3)
Scepter Thaco 8 Dam 1-6+9 /1-4 +9 (attack 1 Offhand) x2 Dam Vs Lawful Opponents

Non Weapon Prof
Gaming,Riding,Etiquette Heraldry, Blind Fighting, Reading Writing

Items Carried –
Plate Mail +4
Ring of Invisibility, Ring +1
BEDLAM (Bastard Sword +3 , +1 Attack)
Javelin of Lightning
Schroll Protection from Magic
Potions of Super Heroism, Hill giant Str, Vitality, Extra healing x 4, Speed x 2

Saving throws as 9th level Fighter +1 for Luckstone +1 for Ring +1
Lanceabit is Blond with blue eyes, a tall well built man who makes the ladies swoon, until he talks to them. When they realise what a world class Cad and Creep he is. Jealousy makes him rude to his betters and arrogance causes him to be obnoxious to those beneath him. Which he believes is almost everyone. When he is not drunk he is a quiet withdrawn individual. However when he is drunk (which is a lot) he is a boorish prig with no manners, social graces or charisma. His great size and strength usually keep him out of trouble but on occasion when drawn into fist fights he will draw a blade and kill without a second thought. He is the very definition of an ill disciplined lout and a mean drunk.


Whilst others can claim to tragic pasts and epic backstories Lancabit most definitely cannot. Born to a noble house with a loving family and every opportunity he has proven to be the perfect example of a youngest son Black Sheep. His Family, The Jardeths, have a long tradition of being great leaders and some of the finest Horse soldiers in Waterdavian history. Lanceabit always struggled with horseborne combat and his braying arrogance and lack of any decernable charisma makes him a dreadful leader of men. The fact that he is a rather fearsome fighter on foot has rather added to his disgrace in his families eyes. They see his great size as oafish and his general demeanor to be offensive. In an effort to imbue him with some sense of responsibility his father arranged for him to be knighted. It didnt work, his natural tendancy for making bad decisions has seen Lanceabit fall from grace to an alarming degree. Gambling debts and an addiction to strong drink left him disowned, living in squalor and in desperate straights. This is where Eddard Montoyeur, Notable gad about town and wretched Human Being found him and took him into service. Recognising how useful this misguided drunken wretch could be.
After Eddards Timely death Sir Lanceabit stepped up and excepted of full party member of DOOM. He has fuzzy recollections about being appointed Champion/Avatar of Chaos but has dismissed that as a crazy dream. The Sword, Mace and Armour he picked up from somewhere are a bit of a puzzle but he figures he probably deserves them.
Nightly he dreams of Chaos and anarchy his Queen now fills his soul with her glory and Majesty. At her behest Sir Lanceabit has established the Knights of Chaos, a group of like minded anarchists.

Lord Lanceabit Jardeth (DECEASED )

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