Krystal Fairdoor

Wearing a tight fitting green outfit this woman is beautiful and deadly


Description: Age: 29. Gender: Female. Height: 5’6" Weight: 105lbs Race: Half Elf Hair: Blond. Eyes: Grey

Classes: Bard (Jongleur) / Thief
Levels: 10 / 10

Stats: STR: 17. INT: 14. WIS: 13. DEX: 18. CON: 16. CHR: 17.

Alignment: CN. AC: 1. HP: 69

Experience Points: 170,000

Saving Throws
10   Paralyzation, Poison, Death Magic
9   Petrification, Polymopth
5   Rod, Staff, Wand (“+4” Dex)
9   Breath Weapon (“+4” Dex)
10 Spell (+4 Dex)

Thief/Bard Skills:
PP: 95% O/L: 75% F/R Traps: 65% MS: 105% HiS: 80% HN: 95% CW: 120% RL: 100%

Spells Memorized:
Bard Spells: 3 x Level One, 3 x Level Two, 2 x Level 3, 1 x Level 4

Magic Missile x2, Protection from Evil
Knock, Rope Trick, Web
Spectral Force, Vampiric Touch
Leomund’s Secure Shelter

Spells Book:
Level 1: Comprehend Landuages, Grease, Magic Missile, Protection from Evil
Level 2: Knock, Rope Trick, Web, Wizard Lock
Level 3: Hold Undead, Spectral Force, Vampiric Touch
Level 4: Leomunds Secure Shelter, Rainbow Pattern

Non Weapon Proficiencies:
Juggling (16), Jumping (17), Tightrope Walking (17), Tumbling (17), Direction Sense (19), Endurance (13), Poetry (18), Rope Use (17), Running, Reading/Writing (15), Looting (18), Observation (13), Etiquette (17), Singing (17), Appraising (13), Gem Cutting (13) Modern language Elvish, Dwavish, Goblin

Weapon Proficiencies:
Bard: All Hurled Weapons, Spear, Long Spear, Staff, Two Weapon Specialization

Long Spear Thaco: 13. Speed Factor: 6. Damage: d8+3 / d8+4. Attacks: 1
Long Spear (2 Handed) Thaco: 13. Speed Factor: 3. Damage: 2d6+3 / 3d6+3. Attacks: 1
Dagger (Thrown). Thaco: 13. Speed Factor: 2. Damage: d4+1 / d3+1. Attacks: 1

Braces of Defense AC 6
Ring of Protection +1
Magical Longspear +2
Throwing Daggers (exceptional Quality) x6
Clothes (Tight fitting to show off fine acrobatic figure). Silk Rope 50’
Travelling Spellbook:

Special Skills:

  • Juggling: Thaco 4 to deflect or Catch missiles
  • Jumping: Treat as level 20. Running 20’ = 2d6+20’. Jump up d3+10’ Pole Vault 25’
  • Tightrope walking: All penalties Halved
  • Tumbling: +4 AC bonus applies to any round in which initiative is won, even if the Jongleur opts to attack later that round.. Falling damage non up to 20’, half damage up to 120’
  • Dodge: Jump out of many potential harmful situations is a successful saving throw vs paralyzation (10-4 Dex =6) is rolled
  • Entertain Crowd: By juggling, performing flips or displaying acrobatic talents. perform for 1d10 rounds, save vs parazation at -2 or be entertained!

Half Elf Abilities:
30% Resistance to Sleep and Charm Spells
Infravision 60’
Secret of Concealed doors 2 in 6 within 10’, Actively searching for a concealed door 4 in 6 or 3 in 6 for a Secret door (with Observation)


Krystal as a young girl was placed into the local temple of Besheba as an unlucky half breed, her potential was noted, but so too was her love of climbing and mischief. She was eventually expelled as she loved the freedom rather than the constraints of temple life. Sleeping rough Krystal slept out in the open, she spotted a circus train. As she approached with her trusty spear (Named Black Biter), the head guard acrobat challenged her to stop. Ignoring his instructions she came closer. Laughing at her gruff entrance the guard arrayed in bright coloured clothing issued a challenge. Krystal accepted, and a space was cleared by the now curious circus performers. Krystal swinging her spear in an offensive arc expected him to parry and strike back, but this obvious acrobat simply duck, dodge, dived and dodged her every attempt to skewer him. Laughing he easily jumped over he and putting his spear shaft between her legs tripped her up. Rather than finish her he noticed that this bedraggled beauty could indeed be trained and offered her a position an acrobat apprenticeship. Krystal through of saying no, but for some reason a spiritual kick hit her head from behind causing her to nod. The acrobat named, Justin the Spectacular took this as a yes and holding her hand out welcomed her to the caravan.

Over many months, Krystal learn her new trade, never forgetting her past experiences and journeys she grew in confidence and power. Justin seduced the reluctant Krystal, and Krystal became pregnant. As the date became closer, Krystal’s dreams came more and vivid as an avatar of Besheba continued to appear and taunt Krystal. The day arrived as a midwife was brought in. Krystal lying in a private caravan, her face was contorted by pain, Krystal made the mistake that may others make, she uttered Besheba’s name. The midwife’s face began to change and morphed into the face of Besheba. Justin failed to notice the midwife’s change in appearance to that of the avatar of Besheba, his eyes entirely focused on Krystal. With a touch, Justin vanished and the now smiling Besheba, stared down on Krystal. Besheba simply said, “_that was unlucky. Justin’s and your baby’s soul is now mine. You deserted my priest hood and chose the path of a wonderer therefore I curse you. No longer shall you call anywhere home. You as a mortal, must prove you worthiness to me otherwise your two loved one’s souls will be forever cast out. However, I the benevolent being will grant you a boon, none shall be able to stop you, but you must always act towards my interests_”. Besheba vanished like a departing mist. The baby and Justin were gone, replaced by a Silver ring on her finger. Krystal raged, but find no one there. A thought began to emerge in her mind, she needed to travel.

2 Years later, as she again found herself on the sword coast, she was again visited by the agent of Chaos informing her to travel to the Greatest City in the North, Waterdeep. She was told to find a Knight called Sir Lanceabit.

Krystal Fairdoor

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