Kell Sarsin

Tall, dashing and charismatic is probably the best way to describe Kell.


I’ll put these in when needed.


Kell is a smuggler of some repute – he is known for getting things past city guards and out to waiting buyers in the countryside. He started his career down in Baldur’s Gate, but a run in with the guard, saw him leave the city and set up residence in Waterdeep. There he maintained a relatively low profile but has established a relationship with a small Halfling known as Gav the hand who is a fence for a group of adventures. Kell has taken on a few smuggling runs for the group to get the goods they have found to waiting buyers. Often he is out of the city, ensuring that everything runs smoothly, but with winter closing in, Kell has kicked back at the Sated Spectre and runs the odd occasional job now and again, but for the most part is simply trying to keep his head and ensure that there is regular coin in his pockets.

Kell Sarsin

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