Gavlin 'The Hand' Hairfoot


Gavlin ‘The Hand’ Hairfoot grew up in rough streets of Waterdeep. His parents while caring were thieves through and through and they taught their scruffy little son all they knew of the trade, until they were nabbed by the city watch and imprisoned.

Gavlin entered the back alleys and dark sewers of the City a ragamuffin Halfling and emerged as something more. He quietly cultivated relationships amongst the rough of the City and earned a reputation of a man who can open tough locks, bypass traps, quickly sell ill-gotten goods, and read pretty much anything put in front of his nose and charged for his services accordingly.

He wanted more to life that just hiding in dank cellars, selling trinkets brought to him by petty thieves, he felt he had a higher calling which came about when a pretty young elf approached him in the wee hours one evening. She initially didn’t introduce herself, rather tested the Halfling with his knowledge and skills and luckily for Gavlin he was able to fast talk his way through the stuff he didn’t know.

Finally the elf got to the heart of the issue. She needed a trusting figure to run a book for her. The job would involve accounting, collecting, and issuing of gold…all for a fee and interest of course. Naturally Gavlin was interested in the proposal and was happy to move up out of the cellar to working from the warmth of Common room of the Sated Spectre, a nearby Inn, provided he was able to keep up his Fencing work on the side. A handshake sealed the deal.

Recently Kerreth and her business partner, a short Gnome have headed out of town on Business and is currently looking after the Inn for the two. So far, no fights of note has occurred and Gavlin is working hard to ensure that it doesn’t happen…well the two dwarven bouncers usually sort things out before it becomes an issue.

Gavlin 'The Hand' Hairfoot

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