Eddwardo Shakesword (Recent sightings unconfirmed)

Tis Nobler in the mind not to suffer Slings and Arrows ever


Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. Eddwardo is a living example of all three

A dashingly handsome Bard who is the very image of a Swashbuckling devil may care hero.
He most commonly wears the tights, sword and Tunic of a Swashbuckling hero. He favours bright colours especially red, orange and yellow and always wears clothes of impeccable cut and manufacture. He plays both Lute and Violin with great skill and has a voice that can (and frequently does) tempt angels from the heavens.

Although Edwardos star was on the rise, packing out venues and impressing those in the know, he mysteriously dissapeared and has resisted all efforts to lure him out to perform again.


A musical legend and entertainer of godlike proportions. Some doubt that he ever existed after his mysterious disappearance. Others say that it was all a publicity stunt and others that it just another stage in the evolution of his art.
Persistent rumors linking Edwardo to a small time thug called Eddard have been quashed after reliable recent sightings of Edwardo and confirmed reports that Eddard was slain in nefarious circumstances. Doubters have pointed out that there have been sightings in Waterdeep within a day of others reporting Edwardo performing to packed houses hundreds of miles away. Believers explain away these discrepancies as rich benefactors willing to spend a fortune to Teleport Edwardo just to hear his heavenly voice.

The mysterious deaths of the founding members of the Edwardo Shakesword appreciation society remains a mystery. The Watch have closed the case stating that there is evidence that the young women were attempting powerful magics. Probably to enslave their idol to their will.

Eddwardo Shakesword (Recent sightings unconfirmed)

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