The Count of Monty Cristo


Class(es) High Priest of Mask
Level 15 (2 Thief)
Alignment: Neutral Evil THAC0: 12
Full HP: 72 AC: -3 Two Weapons, -5 Single Weapon. (Braces AC4)

Age 17 Gender Male Height 5’ 8" Weight 116lb
Race Human Hair Black Eyes Grey

STR: 10 INT: 16 WIS: 18 DEX: 18 CON: 11 CHR: 15
ParaPoisonDeathMagic: 2 PetPolymorph: 5 RodsStavesWands: 6 BreathWeapon: 8 Spells: 7

Thief Skills
PP: 95% OL: 100% FT: 100% MS: 90% HiS: 45% HN: 70% CW: 95% RL: 20%

Retribution of Mask (Rod of Flailing+3)
THAC0: 9 SF: 4 Damage: 1d6+4 / 2d4+3 Attacks: 2
Purifier of Mask (Thrown Fire Trapped Oil)
THAC0: 10 SF: 3 Damage: 1d4+14 5’ on hit 2d6, 1d6 round 2, 1d3 3’
THAC0: 9(10 Off Hand) SF: 0 Damage: 1d4+3 Attacks: 1

Spells Memorized 8x 1st Level, 8x 2nd Level
3rd Level: Dispel Magic, Thieves Sight, Stone Shape, Protection from Fire,
Animate Dead, Telepathy, Shadow Cloak.
4th Level: Spell Immunity, Recitation, Cure Serious Wounds, Modify Memory, Poison, Free Action, Body Clock
5th Level: Dispel Evil, Impregnable Mind, Cure Critical Wounds, Time Pool
6th Level: Blade Barrier, Find the Path
7th Level: Unholy Word.

Darkness(1/day), Shadow Door(1/day), Shadow Monsters(1/day), Lorloveim’s Shadowy Transformation(1/day)
Lorloveim’s Creeping Shadow(1/tenday), Shadowcloak(1/tenday), Shadow Cat(1/day)

Weapon Proficiencies (6)
Club, Knife, Morning Star, Flail, Single Weapon Proficiency x2, Dagger, Staff.

Non-Weapon Proficiencies (20)
Religion(20)x2, Reading/Writing(17), Disguise(15 +1)x2, Rope Use (18)
Seamanship(19), Tumbling(18), Appraising(16), Local History(15), Acting(15 +1)
Alertness(20), Information Gathering(17)x2, Locksmithing(18), Voice Mimicry(15)
Trailing (18), Looting (18), Observation(16), Fast Talking(15), Administration(17)
Bonus Religion(19), Forgery(18), Reading Lips(16), Modern Language(Calashite)

Money Carried
PP 11 GP 9 SP 23 CP 7 Gems 7×100gp

Items Carried
Continual Light Gem (Hooded) Continual Dark Gem (Hooded), Silk Rope + Grappling Hook, Large Sack, Listening Cone (5% HN) Belt Pouch – Large, Belt, Thieves Tools, Holy Symbol, Clothes.
Weapons: Dagger+3, Knife x 2, Rod of Flailing+3 (14 Charges).
Rings: Ring of Protection+2, Ring of Invisibility
Various: Boots of Levitation, Gem of Seeing, Phylactery of Long Years,
Hat of Disguise, Cloak of Protection+1, Braces AC4, Necklace of Adaptation
Potions: 3x Oil (Fire Trapped)
Scrolls: Dispel Magic, Remove Curse, Healx2, Restorationx2, Resurrection,
Cure Critical, Water Breathing, Gate.

- Old Banite lair, converted to Mask (ceremony spell) and cleansed (at cost of 5600gp)
- Blue/Red carpet.
- DOOM base of operation.

Secured within DOOM base (room)
(Protected by Fire Traps, Glyph of Warding, 5x 5HD Undead Monkey Butlers)
- Large Chest (Fire Trapped)
- Fine Clothes / Cloak / Boots
- Wig / Make-up
- Small Ring (90gp), 5gp Ring
- Morning Star (12 Enc)
- Lantern, Bulleye


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