The Thieves of Waterdeep

Off with Her Head

In times of yore her head fell onto the floor

A tale of wore and begone to those who read the kind and meaningful words of Thraim, unjustly called the “kiddie puncher” (much like Jack the Ripper is unjustly called a murderer…).

As the party of DOOM had been summoned to the Palace by the queen and being escorted by the griffin, they traipsed with heavy hearts and slightly chewing of fingernails. Thraim the ever wise, and just carefully prepared himself by Enlarging himself and casting Protection from Fire, looking sideways as the every beautiful elven maid Kerreth. She was fingering her necklace again and seemed to have larger muscles. Reginald (from this moment unkown as the condemned unfortunate one) had also cast Strength on himself.

Like a bad novel as the party entered the entire court was arrayed with entertainment from a jester busy shaking his bells in the middle of the floor. The King and Queen seated on the Dias at the end of the camber overlooked this odd court. A large white Rabbit could be seen (well known as a spell caster of infinite power and changer of dragon turtles), as well as lizardmen, talking fish faces, porcupines, guards, champions, executioner and the mad Dutchess. A charge was read out saying that the “Prince of Hearts had stole the Tarts…” Kerreth immediately cast Haste on DOOM now expecting the worst. The said prince then approached the party with very fast hands saying that it wasn’t him… Thraim the wise (and now able to see into the future) and truly hateful of wrongful imprisonment and or execution took exception to this individual attempting to plant evidence on him dutifully and within his full rights and obligations of the innocent and unjustly fingered, swung Typus the Chaos mace fully into the side of the prince causing the cascade of events to unfold.

Immediately Kerreth released her most powerful Fireball as Sly release a nasty Ice Storm above the powerful rabbit mage. Scores of Fish people perished as well as the herald and other minor courtiers. Cyric just hid, as Reginald drew forth a mighty card and “Poof” a druid appeared. snigger . Thraim smote said rogue of Hearts with Typus with two mighty smashes. The Guards as one then decided to react and charged towards the Giant dwarf and mighty mages. The Masked jester who had previously shown himself as wanting rescuing from this mad place moved behind his mistress the queen. The Queen attempted to cast Hold Person on Sly, Kerreth and Thraim but all three saved.

Things began to look grim as the mass of highly trained and deadly fighters arrived. Sly attempted to Fly upward out of combat but found his feet stuck to the floor. Kerreth used her wand to release another Fireball, as Thraim leaped (Boots of Springing and Striding) out of combat to land at the Rabbits side, smashing him heavily with the mace, slaying him outright. The Champion struck Thraim a mighty blow as leaped out of combat. Reginald cast a powerful Slow spell effecting the general melee. Cyric suddenly reacted and sprinted down the hallway striking the Queen as she almost released a Flamestrike into the combat. She was simultaneously struck from behind by the not so loyal jester, Cicero. The King also cast a spell at Thraim who didn’t notice it as it might have been an illusion. Inside the melee Sly looked at his death and decided to run, as Kerreth realeased another Fireball beside her feet slaying only some little guards and angering the others. Reginald received a mighty burn. Kerreth whipped out her fast swords and began to poke and hack. Reginald began to slay the little guards nearby.

Thraim uttered a Recitation spell affecting the throne room, but doing little else as the champion and 3 other elite guards slowing stomped over. Cicero and Cyric battled the powerful cleric queen. Another guard and the executioner joined the throne melee. Thraim used the powerful mace to smash and Wither the champion’s sword arm, and give him a fatal disease.

The King cast a spell…

Cicero, Cyric and Thraim all became immediately Confused, with no save (Cicero failed his save…). Cyric immediately walked off as Cicero and Thraim continued to hit the closest creature. The Queen and Champion were slain. Sly attempted to cast Magic Missile on the King, but failed to penetrate the magic resistance of this silly place. Reginald cast Improved invisibility. Cicero and Thraim continued to hack their closest opponents again as Sly with his ear piercing dagger shout slashed at the King. Reginald moved behind the king and missed as the king had a cloak of displacement causing him to miss. The king cast Blindness on Sly who failed to save. Cicero walked off confused as Thraim stood still and rocked back and forward in confusion. Kerreth after receiving several wounds slew the fighters around her before rushing to the dias. Thraim bashed again as Sly and Reginald began to attack the king. Kerreth arrived to immediately become unconscious as the executioner cut her down. Thraim continued in the melee crushing his guards fighting him. Sly blindly ran from combat as the invisible Reginald hacked at everyone. Thraim in a moment of clarity jumped into combat in time to see the king cut down by Reginald. Thraim couldn’t see that both the King and Reginald were invisible, they just looked incompetent. Thraim slew the Executioner, and was cut by the guard as next round he stood still and rocked back and forward again. The Guardsman was cut down, by the invisible Reginald. All was quiet except the confused Thraim then took Reginald as an enemy of the people and freedom and chased him down crushing the back of Reginald’s skull as he had neither attempted to climb out of the way, or attempt to parry. The confused Thraim then in a fit of unfortunate accidents then struck Sly down. The Confusion wore off revealing an desperately wounded Sly at Thraim’s feet, Thraim of course not understanding who struck down his friend, immediately stabilized Sly with a Cure Light wounds spell as Cyric also now non confused rushed to stabilize Kerreth with a Cure Light wounds spell.

Day Ends

Entire Court Dead

  • Queen Slain by Cicero
  • King Slain by Reginald
  • Jack slain by Thraim
  • Ace slain by Thraim
  • White Rabbit Slain by Thraim
  • Executioner slain by Thraim?
  • The Dutchess slain by Cicero
  • Guards 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2 Slain by DOOM
  • Fish people slain by Sly
  • Peasant Guards slain by Kerreth

Reginald Dead – slain by the no save confusion spell ( called CHAOS ) cast by the king, or by the self fireball from Kerreth, and in no way blames the slightly confused Thraim.

Kerreth alive but severely wounded
Sly alive but severely wounded


Unfair Cyric attacked and killed a guard, and hit the Queen three times …… Did no one see his heroic exploits before wondered around the room checking out the architecture?

Off with Her Head

So in actual fact, DOOM was bought low by an Illusionist and Thraim, who kicked off the whole thing before anyone could prepare communicate or do anything else sensible and then finished off by actually Clubbing down two of DOOMs members. CHAOS indeed

Off with Her Head

Cyric should be commended for his help, but the Queen ignored him and attacked Cicero who back stabbed her for 36 and hit her at least 3 other times doing more than 50. Perhaps we call it a team effort and be glad that she did not have even more HP.

Off with Her Head

Thraim has received the blame for the hole series of unfortunate events. Of course, everyone in DOOM (and those who hadn’t joined yet) could have just run away leaving Thraim to die.

Thraim only hit the individual who was trying to plant false evidence on him (probably actually did). Once the Queen shouted “off with their heads”, Thraim slew the dastardly dude trouble maker. Thus in Thraim’s mind and in the Law “justifiable”.

He did not send fireballs or Ice storms into the midst of a milling crowd.

As for the sad case of Reginald the Unwise. Thraim would like to apply to temporary insanity. Confusion spells with no save are nasty.

Off with Her Head

One Wants to know what penalty was imposed on a member of DOOM, who repeatedly “claims” to be confused and then repeatedly Clubs to death said DOOM members, but inexplicably then starts healing people when the people that have finished checking out the Architecture spot them it the act of Clubbing a second member of DOOM to within a inch of their life, I’m sure there must be some penalty for such behaviour. Especially a second or third offence

Off with Her Head

How about a hearty hand shake and a gentle pat on the back.

How unfortunate, unlucky for Chaos. CN alignment, first you hurt then you heal. CE first your hurt then you hurt some more. Don’t blame Thraim. A Confusion spell with no save is nasty. It was up to others to stop the illusionist. Who knew that they could be lethal. Perhaps the king has spell books somewhere?

Plus it was Thraim’s first offense. Last two times Thraim had just wondered off confused.

Off with Her Head

We need to move on and forgive and forget. Embrace all sides of the argument judge them on their merits. An even handed approach is the best way. Although Thraim is clearly the harbinger of events that are considered undesirable he also worked with us all to defeat our enemies. Let us all clasp hands forgive him. All things are balanced in the end.

Off with Her Head

Would you like a pamphlet with that? Perhaps Cicero has a goatee and a pipe and just wants to sit down for a natter.

Off with Her Head

Of course, this is why it’s not recommended to have Evil parties….

Off with Her Head

Pamphlets….. yes we should distribute pamphlets among all members of DOOM on the advantages of cooperation and seeking balance, Nature should be our ultimate guide.
Cicero does indeed Rock a Goatee and does a good line in inspirational songs and Poems. We may be stuck in a pocket universe of unimaginable horror but we can always have a bonfire and sing some songs

Off with Her Head

Evil is as evil does. Twas a CN fellow who kicked it off and a CG one who nuked a crowd. Of course if you are referring to trust issues, back biting, in fighting, betrayal, plotting, and general nastiness…. well then that is half the fun :-) Now come on, lets all hug it out

Off with Her Head

I was thinking of all the innocent fluffy rabbits and insane mice that have been slaughtered (more than once) along the way…

Off with Her Head

Even Fluffy creatures have dark sides. And besides it is the natural order of things that cute fluffy creatures are mercilessly killed, and then killed again when their killers dabble with magical decks of cards.

Off with Her Head

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