The Thieves of Waterdeep

Haunted Mansion

Ghosts and more

During a short siesta Sly continued his training to unheard of heights, while Fast Eddard Convinced a local bard to help train him in the arts of bardom. The spy network established by Cyric was engaged by Reginald. Thraim spent time in the pub… However the omnipresent one confirmed that everyone had secret plans.

A rumour of a haunted house with treasure met the ears of the ever pickled one at the pub as the excitement grew. A plan to quickly travel to the house with the treasure trove before anyone else got there was hatched. Kerreth loudly stated that she didn’t believe in ghosts and started fixating on treasure immediately.

The abandoned house has been rumoured to be empty for 200 years.

House 67 in the waterdeep map was approached at night avoiding any unnecessary city watch approaches. The back gate was left unlocked and the party entered with careful consideration. Three back buildings were investigated. A small chapel to Sune was robbed and a scroll containing very powerful clerical magic was found. Cyric considered making unwanted advances on Kerreth, but didn’t follow through, much to Thraim’s disapointment. The blacksmith was empty containing only rusted older tools. However the stable contained an exciting event. A ladder to the loft caused Kerreth to start climbing. Unluckly, 3 giant spiders decided that she was lunch and rushed over for a quick snack. Amazingly Kerreth back flipped, off the ladder rungs into the party middle much to the standing applauding of MOMOAD. One spider was hit twice by two very hard thrown knives by Thraim pinning it to the roof beams. Reginald also managed with two arrows to kill another spider. The remaining spider jumped down to attack Thraim much to everyone’s relief. Stupidly Thraim decided as he didn’t have his mace out to punch the spider. It bit him before he could move, but his native dwarven toughness resisted the pesky poison feeling. Thraim punched the spider into unconsciousness and then drew his mace to splat it’s head all over the floor. A search revealed nothing else in the loft.

Outside Cyric floated up using his boots of levitation to peer into a window in the upper levels of the mansion to investigate a light flickering. He spotted a woman reading a book. Somehow she managed to look up and see Cyric (near invisible in the blackness through a reflective surface of the window) (of course darkness or reflections have little effect when you exist on other planes of existence…)and ran through a wall. Cyric floated down to tell the rest what he saw. The party then grumpily conceded that they might believe in ghosts.

The remaining building contained a mausoleum with a broken lock. The party entered to discover a staircase leading down. Inside was an empty chamber. Remembering past failures to search they quickly found a concealed door, no thanks to the dwarf who complained that only pesky elves find stuff. Below was a water run. Kerreth followed the water channel downstream and found a skeleton clutching a dagger which was impaled in its chest. Upstream was found an underground room. The rest of the party got wet and joined in. Following several rooms they encountered a room with a frozen black dragon, not surprising anyone, but surprising everyone. A Girl (who looked like the one in the library) was sitting behind the dragon letting coins fall through her fingers. There was a large raven perched on her shoulder. Kerreth approached to see what could be done. She said go away and vanished. The dragon started moving. Panic ensued. The party spread out. Magic missiles flew. Fast Eddard the bard stabbed. Multiple Reginald’s appeared. More missiles zapped it from the cunning spell casters of Sly and Kerreth. Thumping (Thraim), Slashing (Reginald), Whacking (Cyric) and missing (Fast Eddard) occurred. It bashed Fast Eddard for 23 points of damage in a single hit, causing the rest of the party to start to doubt that this was a true dragon, expecting hit to be ripped, bitten and munched into small pieces. The Dragon fell to pieces due to expert bash of Thraim from behind, revealing a mountain of stuffing and very little treasure.

The party found a secret door leading to a jail cell. A man was asleep inside a cell, his equipment left carelessly on a table. Kerreth immediately decided that this needed to be liberated, unfortunately waking him on the way back. Fast Eddard forgot to use his brain and mentioned killing him and his master making him for some reason reluctant to talk. Thraim opened his cell door, as he attempted to bolt, Sly cleverly cast forget causing him to stop in his tracks and reconsider his friend Reginald. He decided to come with them. His longbow and some arrows were returned to him as they couldn’t be easily hidden.

A Ladder revealing a crawl space to the rest of the mansion was found, and a spiral staircase leading to the mansion proper.

Day ends leaving a few unanswered questions…

  1. Who is Lord Blaine?
  2. Where are the two treasure hunters who captured Joshua?
  3. How did they capture Joshua?
  4. What are they doing in the Mansion?
  5. Is there a real Ghost?
  6. If there is a Ghost, what does it want?
  7. Why was there a stuffed Black Dragon in the Basement?
  8. and most importantly… Where is the Vault?


It does have to be noted that Brave Eddard (who worships Mask) was healed of most of his injuries, all glory to Mask! Let this be a leason to unbelievers and heretics.

Haunted Mansion

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