The Thieves of Waterdeep

Creepy Chambers

As DOOM investigated a corridor and room after successfully fleeing 3 oozes, Thraim discovered a spear that came whistling out of a wall, injuring his left very slightly. A chest was spotted and Kerreth moved carefully to investigate, failing to spot the obvious fire trap and resulting explosion. Luckly Kerreth’s magic resistance kick in and she was undamaged. However, unbeknownst to the wise this had triggered 6 Dark Creepers to stalk along the wall to investigate the strange commotion.

Cyric the light carrying pop plant say them creeping and warned DOOM. The Dark Creeper particularly hated Cyrics continual light gem and failed to destroy it with some slightly cold magical attacks. Strangely DOOM attempted to negotiate, but the Creepers attacked only to be splattered into balls of light explosions. The two remaining ran away. Cyric had knocked his one out so DOOM attempted to communicated via the Tongues spell cast by Cicero. The creature refused to tell the way towards the surface, but unfortunately became no longer useful as Reginald the silent and deadly slew the creature with his two handed broadsword.

DOOM carried down the corridor to encounter more of these creatures who were very quickly dispatched into balls of flashing light. Some platinum pieces were found. DOOM carried on through only to encounter a much larger room and a 20+ of these creatures and a Dark Stalker. DOOM stayed still as Kerreth prepared to cast a fireball. Unluckily in the time of troubles the spell rebounded to land in the midst of the party for only the 4th time and explode injuring Sly severely. His clothes were burnt off for the second time. Everyone else suffered rudimentary damage. However, the entire lair of Dark Creepers was laid waste leaving exploding into balls of light. A single magical shortsword was found, with Cicero quickly saying that he heard about this one particular blade and said it was a short sword +4. Sly drank a healing potion and a healing spell cast by Thraim actually worked perfectly healing the semi naked waif like figure of Sly. Cicero and Kerreth swapped weapons with Cicero picking up the sort of curse sword widowmaker, Kerreth now has two magical short swords. The rest of the lair was investigated only finding more platimum pieces, and no food.

DOOM exited out of the lair, past the oozes who were still hiding in their hiding spot. A Door to a well chamber was investigate, but since it did contain the way out of the underdark, it was ignored.

Day or night or in fact who can tell ends…



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